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Traditional Indian Jewelry

Tradition Jewelry in India is basically divided into three individual heads that is Spiritual Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, and Temple Jewelry. Out of these three Temple jewelry is used to adorn the idols of gods, deities and Goddesses in a Temple. Indian Temple from ancient age has retained this practice of adorning idols with jewelry. The ornaments that are crafted on idols are earrings, bangles, waist belt, anklets, nose rings and necklaces among others.

Of late though there have been some changes in temple jewelry. Rather than the classical jewelry some fancy handicraft fancy jewelry are used. People too have rather than wearing gold jewelry have started wearing fancy jewelry on auspicious occasions. A lot of variety of such jewelry is easily available online so therefore, buying temple jewelry online is perhaps the best option.

Now let’s discuss how the tradition of wearing temple jewelry started and how it has influenced over the years. 

History and Origin 

Traditionally jewelry is worn on festive occasions as it is believed that wearing gold or jewelry brings luck. Until few years before gold jewelry was the only thing that was supposed to be adorned. However, off late, the trend has changed and people have started wearing jewelry made up of metal handicraft and polished with gold as it is affordable for the poor section of the society and for rich they consider it as trendy. Jewelry like pendants, bangles, waist belts and necklace are in huge demand amongst women in India. The most popular of them is arguably pendant. Pendant of Goddess Laxmi or that of Lord Ganesha is popular not just amongst Indian but among foreigners as well. To choose among a range of variety one should buy temple jewelry online. 

Now talking about the fancy jewelry they are made up of various forms of handicrafts like:

  • Paper Handicraft.
  • Wooden Handicraft.
  • Clay Handicraft.
  • Metal Handicraft.
  • Glass Handicraft. 

Even though the British and Mughals have ruled India for a considerable time in India, the temple jewelry has somehow managed to retain it till date. 

Influences over the years 

Temple jewelry recently has garnered some momentum as it has widely exhibited at bridal exhibitions and fashion ramps these days. In recent past, it was patronized only by some classical Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Odisi dancers. Temple jewelry is among a rich heritage of India which originally originated in southern Indian states during the 9th century in Chola region of ancient India.

Today’s form of temple jewelry depicts the ancient form of jewelry though with some modifications. Among the new items that are added includes chumky jhumkas, and coin necklaces among others have become a huge hit. The main base of temple jewelry is still gold but metal and silver too have become equally popular in recent times. The range of fancy temple jewelry starts from a small nose pin to huge necklaces. There are some temple jewelry items which are worn only on special occasions like head adornments, waist belts, head adornments and armlets among others.

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