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How properly organize relocation?

Everyone have ever been dealing with the problem of moving organization. Many people have decided it repeatedly and someone is maybe working on this question right now. We want to share our rich experience in dealing with this problem for the apartment, country house or office relocation, as we are facing with this problem every day.

Apartment moving

Where to start? A few days before the actual event, you need to start preparing for it. Determine which bulky items, cabinets, sideboards, sofas and other household furniture will moved into your new house. After all some old things you will not need in a new place and sometimes they will just occupy space and spoil the interior of the new apartments, in addition eventually they can loose much of their functionality.

Next you need to perform a detailed inventory of smaller items and to prepare them for the move.


Items are recommended to be packed in cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard. The best size of boxes is 50 to 50 cm and weight to 20-30 kg, so it will be easier to to raise, move and store them. Boxes can be purchased at the post office or you can try to get them in the nearest small shop, because there do not know what to do with them.

Pharmacy shops are the best place to get them, because they are almost in perfect condition and the workers are happy to give you them.

Packaging process should be performed carefully and accurately, so that there was no space to move items inside the box, otherwise they may collide with each other and even break. It is desirable to lay items in a soft material and to lock them in a box. You can use linen, foam, bubble wrap or something similar to them.

Wrapping fragile items must be performed with the use of such material in a mandatory manner, otherwise their safety can be very elusive. Each box must be signed and marked to know where are things and in what order to stack these containers.

This will help to keep your belongings safe during loading and unloading at removals, as fragile things can not be put down and you shouldn’t put heavier items on them. At the end of the move, if you do not know where are needed goods, you do not have to deal with the process of opening a plurality of boxes in search of the right things and therefore it is not very comfortable to restore order among the mountains of things and objects. Do you need this? Simply spend a few extra minutes on the labeling of the boxes.

All boxes you should seal with tape to avoid spilling things and objects while the process of moving.

Do not try to fill the box , giving them the shape of a ball, it’s bad for many reasons: firstly carton box weight increases and it becomes extremely uncomfortable, the box is deformed and is decreasing its strength. So the box can just break due to internal stresses.

Boxes should be chosen of one type, it’s easier and more compact to carry out load at the moving.

Soft things are conveniently folded into carrier bags. They are sold at any household or construction market and have different sizes.

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