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Wide range of Varieties available for Door Handles Online

Door Handles Online

In the earlier days buying a home was very simple, and organizing all the things was also a common thing. Since people started modernizing, this exact act of filling the home with furniture and other articles moved on to professional interior designers. These individuals have a keen and artistic mind while deciding the minute details of the house. One of those minute specifics to look at are the door knobs and handles. In earlier times it was seen that a simple bracket of metal in the shape of a rectangle was used as a door handle. But this trend changed as the interior designing flourished. With customized themed homes it was necessary to think over these designs. Today there are various types of door handles available in market. Right from glazed metal brackets to artistic designs containing studded precious stones, these door handles have evolved from just being a means of opening a door to being a style statement.

Door Handles Online

Global reach

The reach of these specialized furnishings is global because of the online world. Today many of these door handles are available online. Plain wooden handles are a common sight in the online stores. Some of the specialized stores also offer carved wooden handles with animals carved on it, and there are also customized designs. One of the most commonly seen handles are plain stainless steel or iron handles. These are found almost in all houses. Some of the online marketplaces offer a wide range of metal handles made up of bronze, copper, silver and even gold. One of the most common and widely purchased set of handles is made up of glazed copper in the shapes resembling animals, nature and also famous personalities. Some of the rich and elegant online stores offer you the chance to customize you own handle and you also have the options to stud diamonds or precious stones into it.

Stainless steel and other finishing

But the most widely used ones are the one made of stainless steel. As stainless steel is low cost, these handles are less expensive and since a wide range of people prefer them for their houses, there is a huge range available. These come in all price varieties. The lowest and most preferable are crystal clean shining stainless steel. When given a satin coating these handles turn into golden. These are mostly used in places with light colored doors. Stainless steel handles also come in black, bronze and brass finishes. These give the handles their native colors and are a best choice when your walls are complementing the color of the handles. It was considered earlier that door handles were just a means of opening doors. And yes they are, but they also complement the beauty of the house.

Door Handles

Hi- tech handles

Many other hi-tech door handles are also available these days. These handles have electronic number locks and don’t have a moving part. Most of these used handles are either stationary that accompany a knob which serves the purpose of locking or are self-moving which makes locking easier. These hi tech door handles are stainless steel handles either glazed with bronze or brass to make them hard to break in. The electronic lock with a number combination helps for ensuring high level of safety. These locks fall in the category of home automation and are vastly available in online stores which also help in their installation. These ensure high level of safety for your wonderful home. In ancient times these minute furnishings were not given much importance but as the interior designing field advanced we came to know that even the smallest furnishing like the door handle can change the outlook of a place or carve an impression on the mind of a person opening the door with it.

If you are looking your own favorite door handles, please visit the online store and know more about door handle manufacturers who offer best quality of hardware and door handles in affordable prices.

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