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Furniture Decorator: Tips For Choosing Upholstery Fabric

Decorating the chair and couch with an upholstered fabric can enhance the beauty and elegance of the living space or office setting as the case may be.When choosing the best upholstery fabric for your furniture, the variety may be baffling.

Upholstery fabric is available in many variations depending upon the area of use; that is office, home or a restaurant and for some the price tag may be heavier than the yard. Experts suggest that one should be clear about the choice that they have to make in order to buy the right product at a reasonable price. Therefore, it can be considered necessary that the customer or buyers educate themselves on the areas like the rubs, grades, natural fabric and synthetic variations.

Price and Performance

Grade is often mistaken as an indicator of price. However, it is not the case every time. The factors that the grade of fabric reflects is the cost that went into manufacturing the fabric and did not mirror the elements of durability or quality. Grading systems are determined by manufacturers according to which they set the scale.

Qualities  of the fabric that can influence the grade are:

1. Intricacy of the weave

2. Fiber content

3. Performance characteristics

4. Construction process

And qualities that may affect the wholesale cost of the fabric. As a buyer you, may keep these pointers in mind and conduct a survey of the fabric at a personal level. You may consider asking the dealer of the scale that the have for grading and make your choice accordingly.

Testing the Fabric

  • The furniture decoration fabric is unlike the usual fabrics, as it is subjected to high movement in the living room. Professional fabric quality analysers and designers have a method by which they can test the quality of the fabric to determine its durability. You may also keep a check on the Double rub to find out the same.
  • Double rub is a testing method that designers refer to as the scraped data. The fabric pad is tested in a machine that passes this pad back and forth until the fabric is worn off. Each of this movement of back and forth is known as double-rub.
  • Fibres that are meant to be used in decorating residential setting has a double-rub rate of 25,000. Hence, if the fabric that you are buying has a rating of 50,000 double-rubs, it is the ideal piece for you to bet your money on.
  • The double-rub rate for a fabric intended to be used in a commercial environment may vary between 100,000 to 250,000. Manual testing of the fabric may not be considered as an indicator to decide the time that the fabric will last.

Natural and Synthetic

  • Regarding the choice of fabric, natural fibres like silk, wool, linen, and cotton may not prove to be the ideal choice for upholstery. Mainly due to their vulnerability against stains wear and tear and fading of color due to exposure to sunlight, particularly silk, that can disintegrate under natural light.
  • Technology has equipped the man-made fibres with qualities that enable the synthetic fabric to bear the daily abuse. An example is polyester that was considered years ago as a poor man’s cloth or cheap fabric.


It is advisable to buy the upholstered fabric after you have the necessary information. You may consider asking a friend or colleague or do detailed research on the internet to know about the authentic dealers, who have good reputation in the market.

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