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The FBI is interested to take the charges of Bangladeshi blogger’s murder case

The American central bureau of investigation organization, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had expressed their interest to take part in the investigation of the murder case of the Bangladeshi Blogger Niladri Chatterggi Neel. This organization had contacted with the DMP (Dhaka Metropolitan Police) and showed interest in this murder case. The FBI is very much popular American investigation team. It’s just not works for the American criminal cases, but also helped a lot to find out the solutions of various serious criminal cases of the different parts of the world and they gained their best success within the very shortest period. Click here to see  detail of this page.

On Friday, 7 August 2015, the blogger and the online activist of Bangladesh, Niladri Chatterggi just murdered in his own home. Some mask men entered his house; they just looked for the blogger. Whenever the killer found him, they just started to stab him randomly. Especially as they stabbed him more on his head, face and neck so that he may die very quickly. The wife of Niladri and his sister were also available in the home, but they couldn’t help him as the killers tied them with a very strong rope. They shouted for help but the murderer left the spot very quickly. The neighbors rushed to the spot immediately, but could not catch a single killer of the killing mission.

 The local police department took the murder case under their observation. They have restricted the killing spot and took the dead body for postmortem.  After the postmortem, they get the assurance that, Niladri was stabbed very brutally and by over bleeding he had to die.  After the postmortem, the forensic department of police returned the body to the family of Niladri for his last funeral.

 The local and the also the international media published the report of this brutal murder case. As Niladri Chatterggi was a blogger, he has much popularity in his country as well as international reorganization too. The US and UK government also exposed their mourn and requested to solve this murder case and catch the actual killer or the killing team as soon as possible. However, as a proof their helpful behavior, they also suggested to take help from the international investigation teams like FBI or Interpol.  The Dhaka Metropolitan Police also assured that they are certainly ready to help the FBI if they need any info from them take the charges of this murder case. For more information click here

Included by Niladri Chatterggi, it was the 5th murder case of the Bangladeshi blogger. The police just suspected that any kind of Islamic terrorist groups might direct this killing mission, but they could not arrest any of the actual killers who took part in such kind of brutal killing mission. On last 26th February 2015, one of the popular scientific writers Abhijeet Roy was killed in the same way in Dhaka. The representative team of FBI also came to Dhaka on 30th April as a part of investing this murder case. But they could not sort out much on this murder case.

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