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Features That You Should Find in a Good Photography App

The mobile industry has improved very rapidly and we could find many apps in the market. Smartphones are not only used to take quick shots of photos and videos. There are many photography-related features that we can use. Some smartphones are equipped with above-average cameras and it is a good idea to improve our photographic experience. In many cases, people don’t want to transfer their photos to a PC for editing and filtering. It would be more convenient to do these tasks easily on the smartphone. This is especially true if we regularly take photos for distribution in social network websites.

An image-sharing service should be multi functional and its mobile app should include multiple photography-related features. As an example, we should be able to easily add effects and apply filters. Sharing photos to followers and friends should be very easy to do. It is also a good idea to have the ability to integrate popular social network accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. At the moment, Instagram offers the above features and it is a good idea to look for similar functionality in other apps. Many users also love photos that can be enhanced to look rustic. This will give an effect that the photo appears to be taken by an antique camera.

Some apps offer additional filters and effects for specific prices. It is a good idea to purchase them if we are quite interested. Photography apps should also allow us to edit the whole or a portion of the picture. An auto-correct feature is very useful, because it would be much faster for users to fix texture, saturation, contrast, brightness and others.

Smartphones are typically equipped with generic photo- or video-taking app with basic features and functionality. There are other apps out there that could further enhance photography experience. Camera+ is a popular photo-taking app for iPhone and other iOS devices. It is an ultimate camera replacement app with multiple useful features. It could really turn our photography experience into something that can bring more results. Focus and Touch Exposure are among the most useful features and they offer us additional control over how the photo should be produced. We will have the ability to adjust the exposure and focus separately. We have the ability to choose multiple shooting modes, such as point-and-shoot or burst.

There are also many camera replacement apps for Android. When choosing for one, we should choose an app that offers different effects. Some camera replacement apps are designed for social media usages. They could allow us to produce collages for quick sharing in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and others. We should be able to choose different modes, such as grids, frames and collage styles. It should be easy to apply effects and remove them. Other things that we could get are the ability to add new fonts, decorative backgrounds and stickers. Some apps offer the ability to take 360-degree panorama shots and it’s useful if we are visiting an impressive outdoor or indoor area.

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