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Top Tips For Choosing A Meaningful Tattoo

Often, finally deciding you would like a tattoo occurs a long time before deciding what tattoo it is you would actually like. Unless you see a design you love and choose to copy it, or you want a tattoo that isn’t particularly unique, it is likely you’re looking for a tattoo design with real emotional meaning. Visual appeal is something that can wear off quickly, but an emotional connection to your tattoo is unlikely to change.

So how do you go about choosing a tattoo with an emotional meaning?

Stick With These Thoughts

If you’re desperate to get a tattoo but you haven’t yet found a meaningful design yet, it can be oh so tempting to simply choose a generic design in any tattoo parlour. Don’t do it. The fact you have already taken the time to think about your tattoo, and have recognised the fact you want a meaningful tattoo suggests that’s what you really want. You will regret it if you rush and go against these feelings so stick to your convictions and wait until you find a meaningful tattoo design.

Open Your Mind

Don’t try to go around ‘finding meaning’ in everything and anything you see, this will just be forced and won’t inspire you. What you can do is open your mind to suggestions and ideas, or looking at certain designs or images in a different way. Basically, don’t force it, but be open to it.

Consider Special Dates

One great way to add meaning to a tattoo is to base it around special dates. The dates your children were born or the date something significant happened to you could be a great base for a tattoo, whether it’s the dates written in special characters, or placed within an image.

What Are You Passionate About?

If there’s something you have always loved and felt strongly about, it could be worth basing your tattoo around that. It could be something as simple as an animal you have always loved, or a religion, movement or life philosophy you feel strongly about. If there’s something you feel forms a huge part of who you are, be it christianity, veganism, your love of butterflies or rabbits, even your passion for gnomes! Whatever it is, the chances are if it’s a passion you have always had and it forms a huge part of your life, it’s a great basis for a tattoo.

Tattoo Memorials To Those We Have Lost

Many people choose to dedicate their tattoo’s to people they have lost. Obviously that person’s name or the date they passed are of significance, but there could be much more personal, subtle ways to remember that person via your tattoo design. Perhaps they loved a certain flower or animal, or they may have even had a saying they were famous for repeating, or a joke they always said. Think about what reminds you of that person and puts a smile on your face, and how you could incorporate that into a tattoo design.

Tattoo Magazines As Inspiration

Sometimes seeing an image on paper can be completely different to seeing it actually imprinted on someones skin. Tattoo magazines can be great sources of inspiration for meaningful tattoos as they are full of images, articles and real people showcasing their tattoos. These magazines are not only useful for image inspiration, but for style inspiration and showcase new methods, trends and styles of tattoo.

Tattoo Artists Can Help

One way to refine your ideas or get a professional to help you think of ideas for a meaningful tattoo, is to go into the Cardiff tattoo studios and talk to one of the artists. You will be able to have a friendly chat with someone who has seen lots of different types of people have lots of different types of tattoo. They will be able to make suggestions based on your hobbies, style and interests. They are artists, so expect them to suggest lots of things you didn’t even think

Tattoo Festivals Are Great

If you really want to be up close and personal with the latest trends, designs and styles in the tattoo world, why not attend a tattoo festival. You can see people have tattoos done live, stalls, designs and lots and lots of inspiration. Most true tattoo lovers will have at least one tattoo with meaning behind it, so by going to a place jam-packed with tattoo enthusiasts and specialists, you’re bound to find plenty of inspiration for your own meaningful tattoo.

Remember, It Is Your Tattoo

Remember, whenever anyone has a tattoo or tattoo idea, everyone has an opinion. Remember it is only your opinion that counts because you are the only one who will have to live with the design. Listen to feedback and think about potential issues seriously, ie if someone thinks the design may be offensive or it may remind you of negative things rather than positive things, but only you know whether or not you can live with it for the rest of your life.

Good luck!

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