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Experiencing Taxes in America For The Very First Time

Moving from a different country into America can sometimes be a difficult process. Immediately, there are already main issues i.e. finding a home, packing, buying furniture, etc. But there can also be another issue to worry about: taxes. If you’re moving from another country to America, then how do you go about preparing your taxes?

What To Do First?

Don’t worry or panic; if you stress of the situation, you will only make things worse. If you’ve been organized throughout the year and during the move, then the first step should pretty much be completed.
Step on is to collect all of your documents. Different documents you need may include, but are not limited to: receipts, W-2s, 1099s, etc. Your own personal situation will result in how many documents you have and, specifically, which ones.

Next . . .

The next step is very important. Remember the following date: April 15. It’s vital that you file your taxes by April 15. As the appropriate paperwork (salary information, etc.) will be sent to you by the end of January, you will have plenty of time to get ever form filled out and signed by the due date.

Filing Your Taxes

Once you’ve got all of the paperwork and forms collected and organized in a folder (you may choose to have separate folders, one for deductions, one for income, etc.), it’s then time to file. If you are planning on having someone file your taxes for you, then you’ll need to find a local tax preparer. This task is rather easy and can be done in different ways.
First, check the yellow pages in the local telephone book. There should be plenty of pages advertising different accountants or business that offer tax preparation skills.
You can also try using the Internet, doing a local search for assistance. Perhaps you have a friend, family member, or coworker in the area. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask someone for a recommendation when it comes to finding the appropriate person or business to prepare your taxes. I would personally recommend using Liberty Tax for filing your taxes online.
Filing your taxes online is also an option. You can try different sites online, or purchase a specific program to install on your computer that will assist you with all of your filing needs.

Time to Breathe

Once your taxes are filed, they’re filed . . . and you’re done! You can relax and breathe easily knowing that your taxes are filed accurately and on time. If you weren’t completely organized or prepared this go around, you now know what to expect for next year. You can plan ahead, be organized, and be ready for when tax time comes rolling around again.
Filing taxes can be tedious for anyone, especially if you’re moving to America from another country. It’s always important to be prepared and organized, but to also not stress or worry. These are only a few quick steps to getting everything in order and completed. And if you remember to do all of the work prior to April 15th, then you’ve already finished half the battle.

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