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Can Your Social Media Get an EPA Mileage of 34 Highway?

As Honda is constantly breaking ground in innovation, it announced that the 2013 Honda Accord will come with an advanced interface that allows drivers to synch their digital lives with Aha Radio thus thrilling Facebook crazed and tech savvy consumers with oodles of delight. Now Honda is proudly going above and beyond its already honorable status as a company that produces striking, safe vehicles that maintain the best value out of any non-luxury autos and are digging in its heel’s to give consumers the latest and greatest technology to simplify their lives. This article will examine the technical interface that amalgamates social media, music, and one’s digital life, so that even when on the road drivers don’t miss a single beat.
Personalize your drive
While Bluetooth, Pandora, USBs and a rear camera come standard in the 2013 Accord, the LCD display screen will bring Aha to life to customize any road trip or daily commute. Drivers will enjoy a wide variety of customizable music and news stations to help make the most of driving time. If you want to make that mid-week Wednesday commute your “80’s rock” day, while starting your week off with “Monday’s jazz and blues”, Accord drivers will now have the power to make each commute a customized experience. Drivers also have the ability to tap into some thought-provoking radio by selecting from a wide range of options such as ESPN Fantasy Focus for the fantasy sports junkie, or 60 Minutes for an in-depth discussion of a current news event. Audio books are also featured in Aha’s specs to keep drivers up on their latest good reads.
Checking in and “liking” it
Drivers of the new Accord will have the ability to download the Aha app from their Android or iPhone device to the vehicle’s interface, and can start using Facebook on the go. As Facebook gets more traffic than Google, this feature is already proving to be a big hit. If drivers want to give some love to their favorite businesses they can “check in” to their favorite lunch spots, or update their mid-day status. This is also a great feature for those long road trips that allow travelers to communicate with friends and family throughout their journey with status updates, photo shares, and insights. Aha and Honda come together to make the road trip exciting for the driver and passengers, as it allows users to map out their route and customize the content of their journey’s next leg with fitting music, local and national news feeds, and social media outlets.
Imagine and go
With the accelerating growth of technology and social media exploding and fusing with our very being, Honda has taken a pioneering step into the future of technology by bringing these facets into the driving experience. By contacting your local Honda CT dealership you can speak to an experienced professional who can further explain how the new Accord isn’t just a good, solid car in of itself, but a slew of scenarios can be presented to demonstrate just how Honda, with the integration of Aha, can make your life much easier, and add new levels of fun to the driving experience.

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