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Fisher House Foundation: Supporting the Troops in Times of Need

Veterans sacrifice life and limb to defend and support the United States. They stand to defend the freedom of our country and protect the values that we hold closest in our culture. If they are injured in this effort, recovery is often a long and complex ordeal with significant family and financial costs. It’s truly unfair for the protectors of our freedom to be beaten and troubled by the unfortunate financial woes injuries have left upon them. The Fisher House Foundation offers veterans and their families’ assistance during this stressful time – and beyond.
Staying at a Fisher House
The Fisher House Foundation started in 1990 with the creation of temporary housing for families at major VA medical centers. Over the years, Fisher Houses have been built all over the country – and in Germany – for veterans’ families. Families can stay close to their recovering family members and there are no fees for the stay. Fisher House understands that there is nothing more important than family being present at such an important and difficult time in a veteran’s life. Most of these houses contain between 8 and 16 suites with private bathrooms. Each house also has a large kitchen, dining room, and places where children can play.
Other Services and Scholarship
The Fisher Foundation offers other services as well. The children of active duty, reserve, or retired military members can apply for partial scholarships through the Scholarships for Military Children program. Another program, Heroes’ Legacy Scholarships, has been established for the unmarried dependents of soldiers who died or were disabled while on active duty since 9/11 or who have received a complete and permanent disability rating from the VA. The Fisher Foundation also set up the Hotels for Heroes program where people can donate hotel points and the Hero Miles program to donate airline miles. Both of these programs allow veterans and families to travel to see each other.
Moving Forward
The Fisher Foundation will continue to build homes across the United States as the need arises. However, plans to build a house in the United Kingdom are moving forward with completion in early 2013. Other facilities are planned for San Antonio and Fort Belvoir. The chairman of the Fisher House Foundation, Kenneth Fisher, notes that most of the focus for the foundation in the future will be on the needs of the VA system. Although the overseas wars may lead to fewer casualties, there are still many veterans who need medical care and their families will still need help.
The Fisher House Foundation provides needed services to veterans who have already given so much. It’s only fair that someone be able to give back to them after they have sacrificed so much for their country. Family interaction is important in the healing process; helping people get an education who may not be able to otherwise is a noble goal. In the future, the foundation plans to aid more military families during the healing process.
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