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Are Automatic Pool Covers Worth The Cost?

Automatic pool covers are awesome, with the flip of a switch you can safely and efficiently cover your pool. Although they are not the most aesthetically pleasing and don’t fit all pool shapes they have lots of advantages for an inground pool. There is of course a very big price tag that comes with its convenience and pricing can range from $ 10,000 to $20,000. The size of your pool, the type of system you choose, and difficulty of installation will determine the final cost. Automatic pool covers do come with money saving advantages and provide great safety advantages.

Automatic Pool Cover


An automatic cover delivers the same advantages as other pool covers are easier to use and also has some benefits that less expensive covers lack.


Automatic pool covers, while not of a standard of a true safety cover can support the weight of a child or even an adult. These covers are more about a layer of security for your pool.

Energy Efficient

All pool covers are energy efficient as they help keep the water warm by slowing evaporation which can save you money on heating costs and allow you to use your pool later in the season For residential indoor pools a pool cover also means your humidifier doesn’t have to work as hard.

Less Pool Maintenance

Lastly a pool cover keeps leaves and other debris out of your pool which means less time spent cleaning for you and your pump and filter will run more efficiently.

Weighing The Investment

By far the biggest disadvantage of an automatic pool cover is the cost and arguably the pay for themselves over time. If you normally don’t heat your pool then you wouldn’t be saving much at all, and these claims are based on using your pool heater all the time. Automatic pool cover does cost money to maintain, things break down and require expensive repairs. The motors and covers themselves will likely need replacing within 6 to 8 years. Investing in other types of pool covers can provide the same money saving benefits if you are diligent about using them. Solar covers or solar blankets can keep your pool warm just as easily and with much less expense.

Most homeowners get an automatic pool cover for safety reasons, although there are better options available, especially to keep children safe around the pool. The cost benefit is promoted as a reason for installing one, there are other less expensive alternatives in swimming pool covers as well as ways of reducing the cost of heating your pool.

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