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What Are the Top Five Factors That Can Affect Your Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen Remodel

Maybe you are thinking of selling your house and want to remodel the kitchen, or maybe you bought a house and want to update the ancient appliances or give the kitchen a new look. Whatever the case may be, a kitchen remodel in Victoria BC can be a large investment in your time and money, so what are the best ways to win big on your remodel and what should you look out for?

  1.      Planning

Before you tear up your kitchen you need to ensure you have done your homework first. For starters, how much will it cost to do what you want to do? Are you guessing or do you know that’s what the cost will be? Making sure you have your facts and figures right is not only the number one best way of ensuring you can remodel your kitchen but making sure you finish it too!

  1.       Measure twice

So you found the stove of your dreams and it will fit right where your last one went, great job! ….but does it fit through the door? The front door and the kitchen door?  Measurement does not only mean checking one or two things, but every variable along the line.  It may well fit through the front door, but not the kitchen, so measure every step along the way so everything goes according to plan.

  1.       Design it with functionality in mind

Your kitchen is not purely esthetic, but is meant to be a fully functioning area of your home destined to get a lot of use. In trying to maximize space or storage, you may create cupboards or drawers that do not open fully or worse yet, hit another drawer or cupboard.  Be especially mindful of this in the corners. Do not be afraid to build in some extra space and also feel free to seek advice from professionals who have done kitchen renovations before.

  1.       Put it back where you got it

Few things will affect your kitchen remodel more than if you try and change the actual footprint of your kitchen. Trying to put a sink where there wasn’t one is a large renovation that involves moving pipes and potentially having to cut into walls.  It might be better to just put your new sink where your old one was. If you think it might look nicer to move things around, think twice because drastic changes can drive up the cost.

  1.       Keep foot traffic in mind

Assuming you and others intend to use your kitchen frequently, you need to bear in mind the space it takes to do things in your kitchen. Renovating your kitchen to be foot traffic friendly means ensuring an adequate amount of space for everywhere you need to move in your kitchen like between the counters and the stove or an island and the sink. The less space, the harder working in it will be and this can drastically change how you renovate your kitchen.

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