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All You Need to Know About Finding Private Transportation Service Solutions

transportation services Fort lauderdale

Before buying your ticket for your cruise, it would be a good idea to find a great transportation service to pick you and your family members up and take you to and from the port. Particularly in Fort Lauderdale, there is an abundance of solutions to private transportation and shuttle services, however it’s often difficult to find the right one. Nevertheless, here are all the things you need to know in finding and selecting the right service for you.

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Fleet of Vehicles

Preferably before selecting a service and requesting their aid, you should inquire about their fleet. What kind of vehicles do they offer? Does this vehicle have the capabilities to seat all your family members? Most shuttle services cannot boast large vehicles, and while a bus might be great the cost could be expensive. Therefore, finding the median between a vehicle with enough space and one that is cost effective would be the best service for you.

Furthermore, privacy can also be an issue. After your cruise, you might want to continue this connection with your family all the way home. You might not want to share a vehicle with another family. You want a transportation service that is equipped to handle your family alone and privately if you so choose. Having these options will be beneficial to creating a more fun experience during your travels.


After the ship docks, getting to where you need to get to can be hard. Taxis aren’t always reliable, and with large groups, they are ill-equipped. Great transportation services should be able to take you where you need to go but also be able to shuttle you to any airport you desire – Fort Lauderdale International to Miami International and back to any of the top hotels in the area. Having this capability is key and will continue to make your trip nothing short of perfect.


Next, there should be an ease in making reservations. A huge customer complaint in any travel situation is always making reservations. You shouldn’t have to make one over the phone with an operator. Find a service where you can create a reservation online, easily and effectively. You should be able to select the pickup and dropoff locations with the dates and times you’d prefer to get picked up. With an email confirmation, you should know that your reservation was completed. Anything short of that is not great service.

Rates and Pay

Before purchasing, you should know what you are paying for. The rates offered by these services should be reasonable. Furthermore, per person offers the best indicator of how much each member of your family will cost to be transported. Each location is different and this can affect the prices, nevertheless, a great service should provide you with the information on each location and how that will affect the flat rate.

Another scary part of hiring a transportation service, is paying before the actual event takes place. What if the service was sub-par? You don’t want to pay for service that isn’t good. A great service should allow you to pay once the transfer has taken place. In addition, you should be able to pay with credit card, not just cash.

Having these functions will aid to a great experience. After your cruise, it is important to select the right and perfect transportation solution especially in Fort Lauderdale.  Choose wisely and enjoy your vacation.

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