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A Winter Guide to Nainital


Surrounding the eye-shaped Naini Lake, Nainital is a coveted hill station in Uttarakhand. It’s a wonderland replete with picturesque sights and destinations. Located at an elevation of 2084 metres in the Kumaon hills, it is blessed with a pleasant weather during the summer that draws tourists from across the country looking for an escape from the scorching heat. However, if you want to evade the crowd and explore the destination in its pristine form, an itinerary during the cold months is recommended. While the absence of human beings keeps the mountains wildered, the white veil of snow covering most parts of the valley appears pulchritudinous.

During the winters, the mountains are at their prettiest forms. The snow-capped peaks and placid lakes are a delight to watch. Since it is the off-season, most Nainital Cottages and Resorts are closed, and those who remain open are available at cheap rates. Hence, visiting in winters also costs you lesser. So, if you too are excited to visit Nainital during the winters, here is a list of things you can do:-

Travel to Snow View Point in a cable car

Snow View Point in a cable car

We all have seen an aerial view of snow-covered mountains in movies, doesn’t it look amazing? While travelling in the cable car on your way to Snow View Point, you witness something similar. The steep mountain ranges are swathed in snow and most of the mountain peaks are hidden behind the thick mask of fog. The distance is covered in a mere 2.5 minutes, but every second of this journey leaves you in awe with its majestic views. Once you reach the Snow View Point, the panoramic view of the entire valley lays in front of you.  

Witness the Nainital Winter Carnival



The seven-day Winter Carnival hosted in Nainital is one of biggest celebrations of the people residing there. For seven days, people indulge in cultural and adventurous activities, and make this extravaganza a unique experience for the tourists visiting there. The carnival is a gateway to their heritage as the performances depict their cultural and traditional values. For people who like to explore the mountains and different cultures, this is the ideal spot to visit.

Enjoy the snow

Nainital Winter Carnival

Visit the Naini Lake vicinity with family members and friends to play in the snow. One of the most enjoyable things to do during the winters is playing snow fight. Apart from this, you may indulge in boat rides provided that the water is not too cold. In the chilly winters, when most parts of the land are covered in snow, the upper layer of the lake appears slightly frozen. Standing in the bank, when you look at this pearl-shaped frozen lake, the breathtaking views captivate your mind and engulf you within the unprecedented beauty of the valley.

The aforementioned points make it quite obvious why you should pay a visit to Nainital during the winters. However, make sure to book a Nainital cottage or resort beforehand so that you do not face any accommodation issue once you reach there.          

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