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5 Creative Ideas For Decorating In A Luxurious Style Without Spending Much Money

If you are the type who love TV programs showing the inside of the houses of the rich and famous, sure more than once you’ve wished you could decorate your home in the same way! But here among us, I tell you a secret: you do not need to have a million dollars in the bank to decorate your home with style. Notes these creative ideas to decorate in a luxurious style without spending much money.

Decorate on White

One of the easiest ways to convey a sense of understated luxury is to use white in decorating. White is a clean color, which makes the rooms look more spacious and bright, and (for better or worse, depending on your taste) brings out everything else in the decor, from the curtains to the furniture and art pieces.

Use Imitations

No need to hang a genuine art work in the room so that this looks luxurious. If you have good taste, you can use imitations, both artwork and fur rugs and blankets. Instantly you will create a feeling of luxury spending very little money.

Decorate with Marble

Marble is a thin and elegant stone that our mind immediately associated with large and beautiful sculptures. And a delicate and economical way to enter the marble in your home is through small pieces: sculptures, table tops (such as bedside or coffee) and even a small marble mortar in the kitchen.

Add Pieces of Copper

Copper also is considered a luxury item, possibly because of its attractive and bright reddish gold. Some pans hanging on the walls of the kitchen, or a few small pieces or sculptures in the lounge make a big difference and will add a touch of luxury to the room.

Find Good Pieces of Art

The pieces of unique and original art by renowned artists often have a price tag that few of us can afford. But there are other ways to find good pieces of art for little money: visit flea markets and antique shops, and looking beautiful old sheets that can hang in new frames.

If you combine wisely these creative ideas to decorate in a luxurious style, you can enjoy a sumptuous home without spending much money.And discover the tricks used by interior designers for inspiration!

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