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How To Detect Mould In Your Home

Mould is often an issue, if fact 50% of homes have undetected moisture problems and mould thrives best in that environment. The key to prevention of is to be vigilant and the homeowner’s awareness that it can occur.

Removal of mould

Should mould be found in any home built between 1980 – 1990 asbestos testing must be conducted before any mould remediation work can begin. During the course of mould removal materials are disturbed and there is possibility of the release of asbestos fibers. Asbestos must always removed by experts and disposed of in a safe manner.

Detect Mould In Your Home

Launch a search

Look for visible signs of mould, what you are looking for is cotton like features. It may appear to be gray, white, black or green on colour. Black mould is the most dangerous, be sure to watch for yellow of furry looking growth.

Sense of smell

Be aware of any musty smells and begin to search at once, mould can cause serious health problems if undetected. Remember that some fragrance free moulds are extremely toxic so do a visual and be aware of any unusual odours as well.

Flooding basements

If you experience a flooding basement there is a big probability that your house is filled with mould. Keep an eye out for signs of moisture or water damage on walls or ceilings, moisture is the major culprit for mould growth.

Windows mist over during Winter

The rain and cold in Winter months cause excess moisture and can form on window glass and window frames. Excess humidity in the environment is a factor in fungal growth which accumulates in damp areas. If you are noticing foggy windows check for the source of extra moisture and check for mould..

Home test kit

Purchase a do it yourself mould test kit, these kit are very user friendly with reliable results as they are designed specifically for that purpose. Don’t stop at a visual inspection, be thorough as mould can trigger serious health problems.

Moulds that are hidden

The most perilous ones are unseen in air conditioners, duct work or within walls, they can swell rapidly if undetected. Hidden mould can be discerned not by the eye but by the stale odour and frequent need to clear your throat.

Ask a professional

If you have concerns the certified mould and asbestos removal experts at Hazpro Environmental are there to assist you.

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