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3 Reasons Why Teaching Is A Tough Job?

3 Reasons Why Teaching Is A Tough Job

1. The Stressful Workload

If you are here, by now you probably know that is often not the lazy teachers who quit, but the hard working teachers who are burnt out trying to do their best to meet all the demands of the job. Teachers are always staying late at their desks, take work home, and have more to do all the time. There are always lessons to plan, hundreds of essays and assignments to grade, and mandated educational requirements to keep up with these days.

3 Reasons Why Teaching Is A Tough Job

2. Testing

There are always one need or the other to test students beginning with pop quiz. With federal and state interests in assessing student performance, testing alters not just how things are taught, but why they are taught. The morale of teachers who joined the profession to teach often get devastated by the slew of tests they have to administer.

3. Lack of Respect

Let’s face it, teachers are totally disrespected and most people could relate to that notion. The low compensation is just one indication that teachers are not respected. The other culprits are angry parents, students who have many issues, and some administrators who place high expectations on teachers. The anti-teaching movements add salt to injury by tagging teachers as lazy people. Now tell me, why is teaching not a tough job?

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