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10 Easy On The Side Business You Can Start Right Now

10 Easy on the Side Business you Can Start Right Now

For those feeling a little strapped for cash, it might be time to start a nice little side business, to help you pay for those lattes in the morning. Though if you’ve no experience in the business world, it can be tough picking a place to begin. If you feel a little short on ideas, fear not, as you’ll be able to discover some proven side business ideas you can put into action now, that don’t require you to be Sir Alan Sugar in order to have a chance of success.


A handyman, or handywoman, can be a great side business if you’ve got the skills. Even if you don’t know much about changing a door handle, you can find out everything you need to, by doing a quick search on the web. You’ll even be able to find videos, guiding you through the tasks that are commonly associated with handyman callouts.

Computer Repairs

Lots of people love their computers, though there are very few that know what to do when one goes bang. This is where you can step in, as you’ll be able to help people with their desktop dilemmas, and have them back on Facebook in no time.

Cleaning Business

If you’re a clean freak, you might as well get paid for being one. Starting a company that provides cleaning services is a great way to get paid for something that doesn’t require a lot of skill, or knowledge ahead of time.

Phone Repairs

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve had your phone die on you, you probably know how traumatic the experience can be. Though by starting a business that repairs phones, you’ll be able to save people in their time of need, and reunite them with their smartphones.

Window Cleaning

Not to be confused with the cleaning business that’s just been mentioned, window cleaning is an entirely different thing altogether. If enjoy being outdoors, you might want to give this some thought.

Gardening Services

For those that consider themselves to be the owner of a green thumb, a gardening service could be the answer to your side business woes. You’ll want to be careful though as demand for this will vary depending on the time of year.

Interior Decorating

Painting is something you either hate or love. If it’s something you love, why not help people who hate it? If you enjoy decorating, becoming an interior decorating pro, is one of the best ideas available to you when it comes to starting a side business.

Personal Shopping

Even if you love shopping, there are people who don’t enjoy the crowds as much as you. Give them a helping hand, and do their shopping for them; whether it be helping with groceries or garments, you’ll be able to find someone who needs your help.

Pet Grooming

If you’ve always wanted to be a hairdresser, but never trusted yourself with people hair, you can always take a chance on animal hair. Pet grooming is a service that’s becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people want to pamper their pooch.

Pet Sitting

People are always thinking of going on holiday, only to put off the prospect for fear of what they’re going to do with little fido, should they decide to jet off. You can help people here however, as you can provide a pet sitting service that caters to people who need to go on holiday, or just need be out of town for a couple of days, and don’t want to leave their pets unattended.

A Little Money on the Side

A side business can be a great way to earn some money when you’re a little short. Though for many, knowing where to begin can be the hardest part, as they don’t see themselves with any skills, or having anything to offer. Though by using some of the ideas mentioned here, you’ll be able to start a side business that’s sure to give you a start in the business world, even if you’ve been an employee your entire life.

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