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Google’s Secret Project “Robots” Uncovered Recently!

Google always stays in the race either with some unbelievable updates or innovation. It is the element that has helped it travel beyond imaginations and touch magical figures of sales in a short period of time. The growth of the Google’s Android is phenomenal and it won’t take a long time for this platform to completely dethrone the Apple or other platforms. In fact, Google is the dominant platform today and it may further extend its dominance over other rivals with the latest innovation called “Robots” soon!

Of course, this piece of news can be heartbreaking for most iOS, Windows, and other mobile platforms as this information is worth a million. No one knows whether this sudden innovation has hit the market as a result of Amazon’s delivery of books by drones or Google has it in mind over a long time period. Whatever it is the significance of this project is sky high and this could eventually open doors for new ventures in the near future. In short, Android apps development will be taking the aerial root if it happens and the reign of Android will be further extended.

Was Google Planning for it Over a Long Period?

But, from various reports and investigations it is believed that Google has formulated this idea a long time back and has implemented this at the right time now. In fact, there is solid evidence to the above statement released by many surveys. Yes, Google has acquired nearly 7–8 tech giants to come up with the robots project over the past one year and it clearly suggests the motive behind the process of annexing the companies with them.

If so, who Discovered this Idea?

Google’s success in the recent past is due to the man behind the screen who puts in lots of efforts. Yes, you’re right. It is none other than Mr. Andy Rubin. For those, who still don’t have any idea who this man is here is the short briefing: he was the one who raised the Android software which created sensations all over the world and took the entire world by storm.

What is the Specific Plan Behind This?

This might be the tricky question to ask for. Be it an update or news, Google has never come up out of the blue and exposed it in front the mass media instantly. It is always tight-lipped and discloses the complete details only at the right moment and time. This isn’t an exception to this case and even this time they’re not interested to reveal any of the specific plans over this as it may spark interests in the opposite camps.

Was it for Customers?

I know most of you would hit me up with a question like this and there is nothing wrong with this question. But, unfortunately this update isn’t for customers and it is meant only for the Android developers. Yes, this new technique may be helpful in the process of building high-end platform with mind-blowing electronics assembly, which can match to fullest with other tech giants like Amazon and others. So, in short, it has nothing to do with customers and this could play a huge role in the upcoming product manufactures which can take business to new levels.

Will Soon Become Practical:

The secret project may take the delivery system from Google to next level and the lack of human sources will be eradicated and everything might be automated to make the deliveries soothing and on-time. In fact, Google has started to experiment this project on urban locations and it might soon become practical. As the process of this handled by the veteran Mr. Rubin, the success of the project mayn’t be under scrutiny and I can bet this would turn fruitful for sure.

Till then, let’s keep the fingers crossed to meet the next-gen manufacturing and delivery system from the celebrated tech giant Google.

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