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Worst Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Kitchen Renovation

From bad design layout to going over budget, there are a lot of common mistakes encountered in kitchen renovations. Even the carefully-planned kitchen remodels run into challenges. There are huge mistakes like hiring unreliable contractors and minor ones like installing a wrong lighting fixture. While deciding to renovate your kitchen is exciting, you need to be mindful of what to avoid on your kitchen renovation. Learn the 14 common kitchen renovation mistakes below so you can steer clear of design disasters.

Relying on sketchesArchitect

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Never rely solely on sketches for your kitchen design. While sketches can provide you with an idea of the design plan, they cannot present you with a detailed picture of the design elements. You’re better off with a three-dimensional preview that has become more common today thanks to new technology. A 3D sketch is great for executing both big and small projects like a condo kitchen redesign because of the detailed imaging.

Rushing the planning process

It’s never a good idea to rush the design process. Planning ahead for your design is the best way to do it. Rushing often leads to design mistakes, production delays, and added expenses. Allocating time for the planning provides room for the unexpected and allows homeowners to make necessary design changes.

Forgetting about the “golden triangle” layout

The “golden triangle” principle links three common areas in the kitchen, namely the sink, stove, and the refrigerator. Some homeowners forget about this. But it’s a useful design strategy that provides unobstructed access to the three commonly busy areas of the kitchen. After establishing a good flow, give thought and attention to other areas of your kitchen. For example, you’ll want to place the trash bin close to the sink or exterior door for easier disposal.

Neglecting the importance of function

Some designs may look good on paper but not necessarily in practice. Forgetting about your own kitchen’s dimension and function is a grave design mistake to avoid. It’s great to look at other designs for inspiration. But evaluate your own kitchen and make design adjustments when necessary. Combine function and form in your own kitchen design.

Where have the countertops gone?

Lack of countertops is one of the biggest grumbles about kitchen design. Countertops provide a decorative element, but they also serve an important function. When renovating your kitchen, make sure you have enough countertop workspace. Designing your countertop should depend on your specific needs and the available kitchen space.

Not consulting an expert

Sure, a DIY kitchen renovation sounds amazing. But let’s be honest here: not everyone is an expert in kitchen design and remodeling. Relying on your own limited knowledge can lead to a disaster. Seek the help of a professional to make sure that you’re not overlooking critical design aspects. Experts can help you with materials, trends, and techniques best suited to your own space.

Skimping on the upgrades

Think of your kitchen renovation as an upgrade. It’s an opportunity for you to improve the look of your space and elevate its function. To this end, avoid skimping on the necessary upgrades. Make a renovation checklist based on your kitchen needs. It’s not necessarily about spending more. You can make cost-effective changes like using energy-efficient appliances.

Making it too trendy

In your bid to make your kitchen design look unique, be careful about making it too trendy. Don’t be strictly governed by the “latest” design and trends. Maybe you’ve seen somewhere that bright fuchsia is the current trend, but chances are that after a while, the color may look jarring and dated. Try to stick to the classics and inject a few trendy elements into the design. You want a look that can withstand the test of time.

Picking the wrong contractor

There are good and bad contractors. Before you hire a remodeling company, do thorough research first. The first and the cheapest you’ve come across isn’t necessarily the best choice. Consider the company’s experience, certification, specialization, and customer satisfaction rating.

Forgetting about proper storage

Kitchens should have enough storage for it to function well. You need space for your utensils, food, appliances, and tools. When planning your kitchen redesign, take an inventory of all your kitchen items. Come up with a storage plan based on your assessment of your storage needs.

Cutting out the kitchen island

Try to incorporate a kitchen island in your renovation. A kitchen island offers additional storage and space for preparation and serving. Remember, however, that a kitchen island should not be obstructive. Make sure there is ample space around the island. Even in small spaces, an island can be a great addition for an efficient and convenient kitchen.

Installing poor lighting

The goal is to make sure that all the kitchen activities will have adequate illumination. Consider overall ambience, task lighting, and accent lighting. You can combine fluorescent or strip lighting, hanging lights, and counter fixtures. Make sure the locations of these fixtures are identified in advance because of their different electrical requirements.

Going over Budget

Be smart about financial planning to avoid going over budget. A kitchen renovation cost in the Philippines can be different from the cost in Australia or elsewhere. A good rule of thumb is to anticipate exceeding twenty percent of your budgetary considerations. Hold some money in reserve for unexpected expenses and incorporate this in your budget plan.

Lack of proper ventilation

There’s nothing appetizing about the lingering smell of last night’s food. The importance of good ventilation cannot be overemphasized. Maximize windows to help circulate air. You can also purchase inexpensive range hoods and wall-mounted vents to help improve the quality of air in your kitchen.

Be mindful of these mistakes that you shouldn’t be committing during your kitchen renovation so you can build the best possible space. To make sure everything will go smoothly, enlist the services of a professional interior designer to help you realize your dream kitchen.

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