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Workers Compensation, And Where? Help Wanted For Employees

When a worker is injured, he normally takes it to his employer for help. But then in some instances, the employer somehow refuses to help the injured party. This is a very saddening story when it happens and it can even happen to anybody. So where will the employees run for help? If the employer cannot fully help provide for their needs, who would be there to assist them?

Fortunately, these days, there are so-called advocates for injured workers. These people come from all walks of life and they extend their help to the needy. While workers should be paid for the time lost while they have their injuries healed, these advocates for injured workers help them find the best solution to solve the problems that is their compensation needs.

Advocates For Injured Workers

In Toronto, for example, a group aptly called Advocates for Injured Workers or AIW is actually a student legal clinic affiliated with the University Of Toronto Faculty Of Law. What makes this clinic special is that it is supervised by the Industrial Accident Victims’ Group of Ontario which, on its own is a community legal clinic funded by Legal Aid Ontario. In jurisdiction, student work at AIW is reviewed by a fully licensed lawyer and is then exempt from the normal requirements to practice law in Ontario.

These people, the Advocates for Injured Workers provide free legal representation for low-income clients who have been injured in workplace accidents. They can also help those who have suffered onset occupational injuries.

The Advocacy

These people from Advocates for Injured Workers deal almost wholly with claims under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. The Act was made to the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. It may also be appealed to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal. Very rarely, the clinic may also stand for clients in momentous actions that stem from a workplace injury.


The clinic is staffed by about twenty-five part-time student volunteers during the academic year, and during the summer by eight full-time student employees. In the clinic, every caseworker is responsible for their own individual client files. Upper-year volunteers are given the opportunity to pursue clinical work for course credit.

It is very important to seek help when injured. The best help will of course, one that has a friendly approach and does not allow anything to get in the way. There are times when the people are afraid to ask for help, and this is one of the problems because it is only when you realize you need help that you try to seek it. Being helpless is such a disturbing feeling; it can be very depressing at times. No matter what situation you are in right now, it is very important that you know where to ask for help. Most cities have labor laws and there are specialized task force agencies who are assigned to coordinate the case with the victim. If the budget is the issue, then the good news is that these agencies are mostly free, and that there are no tie-ups whatsoever to keep them locked in.

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Jenifer is a Law Graduate working as a consultant offering professional services like Consultation on Labor Law, fair HR practises to big organization. She is quite inspired by Mitchell Sexner, leading workers compensation Attorney. Find out More here

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