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Workers’ Comp Claim: Why You Need a Professional by Your Side

Getting injured on the job can bring your life to a grinding halt, and you could run into some major financial issues if you don’t know where to turn for assistance. An injured employee who doesn’t understand their rights might end up dealing with skyrocketing medical bills, and that is one situation no one wants to be in. Here is a closer look at just a few of the reasons why you should consider working with an attorney who has experience with workers’ comp claims.

Don’t Be Bullied by Your Employer

Many employees don’t realize that this process begins by notifying one’s direct supervisor. Once you have notified your supervisor, they should immediately pull you aside and hand you a claim form. On that claim form, you only need to fill out basic information such as where the injury occurred and who was present. If your supervisor pressures you into admitting guilt or asks you to hide the injury, then you must immediately contact an attorney.

Your Claim is Denied

Your employer’s insurance company could deny the claim for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, insurance companies will deny workers’ compensation claims simply because the forms seemed too vague. Unfortunately, you might be responsible for all of your medical bills if your claim is denied. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer can help you navigate your way through the appeals process. That process is similar to a civil trial, and that means you will need to gather evidence and build a case.

Your Disability Has Been Disputed

An employee should be awarded a long-term settlement if their workplace injury has resulted in a major disability. In order to be awarded a long-term settlement, you will most likely need to undergo an independent medical examination. Following that examination, the attending doctor could try to lower your disability rating, and that is going to impact your workers’ comp. If you aren’t receiving a fair amount of compensation, then you need to speak with a lawyer about all of your options.

You Are Permanently Disabled

It is an unfortunate fact that some workplace injuries result in permanent disabilities. An employee who is permanently disabled will need to come up with a long-term financial plan that maximizes their workers’ compensation. Before agreeing to any amount of money, you must first contact an attorney. You want to be absolutely sure that you have made a long-term plan for your finances before you accept any offers.
Following a workplace injury, you must carry out a few important tasks if you want to preserve your future. In addition to notifying your employer and seeking out medical attention, you should also contact a legal representative who has experience dealing with complex workers’ compensation cases.

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