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Why We Should Choose Multi-Glazed Windows?

Not many homeowners know that installing or upgrading double glazing could reduce energy bills and make their house quieter. There’s a straightforward benefit of using double glazing: it saves us money and reduce overall carbon footprint. By replacing all single-glazed windows, it’s possible to save about $200 annually on energy bills. Carbon footprint can be reduced because double-glazed windows will allow less heat to escape and this will reduce the production of carbon dioxide.

Our home can be much more convenient, because there will be fewer cold spots and draughts. It is also more difficult for external noise to enter the house, making it quieter. Based on studies, up to 20 percent of the heat from our house is lost through the windows. Lost heat directly means wasted energy and money. By preventing significant amount of heat from escaping, we can save money in the long run. Double-glazed windows also have less condensation problems, because they are consisted of at least two glass sheets with an empty gap.

Some double-glazed windows have special, transparent insulating material, instead of only air. It could prevent more heat and noise from going through. Some triple-glazed windows have three glass sheets for additional layers and efficiency. In general, the more layers we have the more efficient our windows will be. So, if we have a bigger budget, it is a good idea to get three-layer glazed windows. There are different styles of multiple-glazed windows. Each could determine how much heat could pass through. Some windows manufacturers provide energy rating scheme that allows know about the specific value of energy efficiency.

A-rated windows are generally the most efficient, so we should use them if we are concerned about inefficiency and high energy loss. After installing multi-glazed windows, there will be immediate benefits that homeowners could get. One big question is how many layers that we need. In general, it is better to rely on the energy rating of these windows. However, a double-glazed window should have at least 16mm of empty gap between layers. The type of the glass also determines the efficiency of the glass. Low-E or low emissivity glass is known for its good efficiency.

Low-e glass usually has a special metal oxide coating at only one side of the glass that allows the sunlight in, but prevents heat from escaping to the exterior. Cheaper double-glazed windows use only air for the gap. However, rare gasses, like krypton, xenon and argon could make these windows more efficient. It is also important to make sure that pane spacers are properly installed. More efficient windows have non-conducting material for the spacers to limit the amount of heat that could escape.

Energy rating determines all factors to make sure that the energy efficiency standard can be as good as claimed. Multi-glazed windows have A to G ratings and A is always the best and the most efficient. If we have more limited budget, it is acceptable to choose windows with B or C rating, as long as they have the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo.

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