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Which is more important: design or SEO?

SEO is an essential part of online marketing, while a good web design would be attractive for readers. The purpose of SEO is to place a website as high as possible in search engines. There is not a complete list of algorithms used by Google to classify those pages, but it is known that the leading speed of the website, as well as some elements from it are considered by those algorithms. It is ideal to have a great looking website that is also optimized, but if you are on a tight budget, you will have to favor one of the techniques in the disadvantage of the other.
Internal Optimization
Starting from the analysis of the competition, we can obtain a set of keywords. Another group of words is given by Google on its internal analyses. In this case, SEO is more important, but to highlight those keywords, you will need a clean design. As we are only talking about a clean design with not so many complicated elements, a smart web designer would probably be able to give you a solid theme without so many expenses.
On the base of keywords, the content of each page is established. The domain of the activity, the products and the services have to be presented clearly, and this is why design is important here. This way, your website would be indexed a lot faster, and you will be able to obtain the expected results in the shortest time possible.
Google appreciates relevant and quality content put on a clean website. The SEO specialist has to satisfy the thirst for information of the reader. The reward would be a better position in Google searches for the respective keywords.
Creating a website implies a series of preparations, such as market studies and establishing objectives. The design must have a concept, a nice appearance and something mysterious that attracts readers. A website is not only a presentation; it is an invisible sales agent, and an ambassador of the company.
The design has to star from an idea. You will have to establish what do you want the website to do, and what benefits would be brought to a potential reader. Those questions must be put before buying the domain. Considering your decision, you can opt for a presentation website, an online store, a blog, or a complex layout. The concept must be chosen to respect the identity of the company, and also to correlate the activity with the one of the competition.
Once you have established the importance of good design, you will start the construction of it, which means to combine the graphical elements with codes, SEO and text. The programming languages are different from one project to the other, and a database implemented will also ensure a large number of items that can be present on the website without affecting its speed.
The truth is that both design and SEO are important for a website, so if you want to have a great looking page, you will have to start by establishing a development strategy based on both those techniques.
About the Author: Nivia writes for an search engine optimisation company, The PirlMeida, one of the most affordable seo company in Uk.

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