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Where to Get Custom Orthotics Nanaimo BC

Are you experiencing discomfort in your feet whenever you are out walking? How your feet feel is important for your everyday well-being and sometimes even the best shoes cannot help to make your situation better. You could have an imbalance in your feet, which will lead to misalignment in the feets, knees, hips, and spine, and can cause stress. In order to fix the problem, rather than treating the symptoms you need to get it addressed from where it started. Spending time and money on buying new shoes or on treatments that will only provide temporary relief will not solve the problem at its root. So where do you go for custom orthotics in Nanaimo BC?


We at Island Pedorthic Footcare make custom orthotics that can help you.Our first step is to get you assessed by our Certified Pedorthists, who are trained in foot and lower-limb mechanics and will determine what kind of orthotics you need.

You might need Functional Orthotics, if we find you need to have biomechanics, gaits, or foot deformities corrected. Accommodative Orthotics can be used to realign the feet when imbalance is caused by neuropathy, diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that require protection and support.

After we know what kind of orthotics you need, the Pedorthists will make orthotics for you that have many beneficial features. They are designed with your body weight in mind and, when used, will spread out your weight and distribute the shock and ground reaction force when you are walking. You will experience decreased stress and pain on your feet, and the orthotics will align your body and prevent posture distortion.

We are all about addressing health concerns in a way that will provide the best long-term results rather than the quickest fix. Getting orthotics custom-made for you will help you to address pains that may be occurring in several parts of your body. You will feel so much more able to walk around, especially as the orthotics will be fitted precisely into your shoes and they are full adjustable. And Island Pedorthic Footcare has a 100% guarantee and refund policy on our orthotics.

When there are so many options on the market for addressing pains, often for the most serious pains you will get the most value from accessing professional care that is customized for your condition. By contacting Island Pedorthic Footcare you can really make the difference if your foot pain is overwhelming you.

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