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When Does Your Generator Needs Repair Services

When Does Your Generator Needs Repair Services

Whether you are a well-prepared house owner or  a commercial store owner who wants to be able to keep electric appliances running in the event of a power outage, a generator can be a lifesaver. Going out of power at home can be difficult, but having a good generator ensures you to run the appliances and have cooling and heat systems operating efficiently. You should check your generator regularly to ensure whether it is working correctly or not. If you are actually in need of a repair, then call experts before it’s too late!

But if you are not sure that your generator needs repair, there are few signs you can notice so you are not left without power when weather get bad. Here is a list of few indicators your generator may need repair.

Visual Physical Damage

While inspecting your generator, If you notice any cracks or dents. It is a situation of concern because physical damage can affect the overall performance of the generator. If the damage will interrupt the performance of your generator it means it needs a replacement.

Slow Startup Time

When you start your generator it should start working within few minutes of turning it on. Although it is a warning sign if it is taking any slower time to start up and start working. Anything more than 10 to 15 minutes is a means of concern that it needs to be replaced.  If you see an error corcering enough, contact an expert repair immediately.

Fuel Leaks

Ideally when you inspect your generator you should look for leaks. If you notice fuel leaking out of your generator somewhere, that is a indicator that something is definitely wrong. Also if you start up the generator and see fuel leaking, you should immediately turn it off and call a repair specialist.

Alerts in Weekly Self-Tests

Luckily, many generators are already equipped with weekly self test that will warn you about problems. If your generator lacks this feature, then you should test your self to make sure that it is working properly or not. Any dazzling errors in such inspection is a biog sign for repair.

Generator Runs Rough

In some cases your generator may start alright, but it may run rough in between. This is the situation when it runs loudly or sounds as it is not getting enough power that it actually required.It may start but then it sputter to stop. In such cases you should immediately  check the fuel delivery system and check your generator needs to get right mixture of both fuel and oxygen. However, if the components are not operating well, you may definitely schedule a generar repair.

Damaged Electrical Components

This is the easiest way to know that your generator needs repair or not. While inspecting your generator, if you notice any buttons, frayed wires or other electrical parts shoeing dangerous signs of wear and tear, it is an indication you need a repair soon.

When you inspect your generator, the above mentioned signs indicates that it urgently needs a repair. Even one of the above signs can impact the overall performance of your generator.

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