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What Should I have in My Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

You can start vaping with limited supplies, but if you want to comfortably replace your tobacco cigarette habit with an electronic cigarette habit, you are going to need a bit of a set up. Don’t worry, even with the initial set up electronic cigarettes usually cost considerably less on an annual basis than a tobacco habit does. You can choose to purchase a starter kit from a manufacturer. This will come with everything you need to get rolling.
Alternatively, you can choose to put together your own set up. The advantage to putting your own set up together is that you are only buying what you personally want and would use. If you choose to build your own set up, there are a few recommendations that will help you make your selections.
The general consensus is that you purchase 2 batteries. Most manufacturers of starter kits such as those available for purchase at would agree with this as well. With 2 batteries you will always be able to have one charged and ready to use. And, in the event that one battery is destroyed or ruined, you still have a back up.
In order to keep those batteries in business you will also need to have a charger. Because you are selecting your own batteries be sure you pick a charger that is compatible with both batteries you purchase. You can opt to get a wall charger, or a USB or car charger, depending on your lifestyle.
When it comes to the atomizer, you should order a minimum of two. Many experienced vapers would recommend ordering 3-4. The reason for this is that an atomizer is a fairly delicate piece of technology and can be easily damaged. The atomizer is what creates the vapor that allows the electronic cigarette to rival tobacco cigarettes. A subpar atomizer will greatly affect your experienced.
You will need cartridges. If you are into testing different flavors, you will want at least as many cartridges as flavors you are planning to try. Even if you only want to try one flavor, still order several cartridges.
You will need one bottle of eliquid in each flavor you are planning to try. If you are planning on including nicotine the standard recommendation is that you start at 18 mg strength, and work your way up or down, depending on what your plan is. You can also order nicotine free eliquid.

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