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What is a Central Tension System?

Pool safety nets are only as good as they are secure. It needs to be able to stay in its place when pressure is put on it, and we believe that you should not have to struggle to make it fit tight enough on your pool in order for you to feel assured that the water is inaccessible. That’s where a central tension system can come in. So what exactly is a central tension system, and how does it work?

It’s a system designed to ensure that the pool net can easily keep at the right tension

Putting on your pool safety net shouldn’t require you to use all of your physical strength. Using this system, our safety nets are strong enough through their design to stay put. To properly install one on your pool, you only need to follow the instructions–you do not need to use all of your might to get it to stay as secure as you require it to be.

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It uses several pulleys placed in its centre to tighten the whole net

A central tension system works similarly to a drawstring used to close a bag. The pulleys on the net have been placed in a circular shape, and they can be closed to make the net tight or very tight, depending on your preference. The way that the system is designed makes it so most kids that are under the age of twelve will be unable to make the net unsecure.

Each net that uses a central tension system can differ in how many pulleys it has

The efficiency of your pool safety net depends on the size of the system, the system’s configuration, and the number of pulleys it uses. Katchakid nets on average use about twelve to sixteen pulleys for each central tension system in a net.

Pools that have unique shapes may have more than one system in place

A pool that has an L or figure 8 shape or that is designed for swimming laps will not necessarily have a clear midpoint, like a circular or rectangular pool does. Because of this, a pool net for one of these differently shaped pools will benefit from having more than one central tension system in its design. Katchakid’s safety pool nets are always designed to provide the highest level of security, with the smallest amount of exertion on your part that is possible.

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