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What Happens On A Retreat

Have you ever contemplated going on a retreat or wondered what the benefits might be and what actually happens at one. Those who go on a retreat to a centre like the Krishnamurti Educational Centre of Canada often experience deeper spiritual awareness and profound healing for the suffering conscious as it affects their life and that of their family.

What Happens On A Retreat

What to Expect

A retreat will most likely begin with a short meditation and guided relaxation followed by a mystic healing session. During the healing you may fall into what seems like a form of sleep or even experience many different and varied kinds of mystic experiences. A person may also experience an activation of the meditation and peaceful state which tend to have a restorative and self renewing affect. You might be have an experience those suffering aspects which are being transformed during the healing. This might be followed with an opportunity to ask question or share experiences.

During a retreat spiritual reflection will be given which will contain information and wisdom you may need in order to fulfill your life’s purpose. On the next day of a retreat activities will include further mystic healing sessions, one of which will be devoted to Ancestral Healing, Yoga and energy excess for nourishing the body, guided relaxation for physical and mental well being as well as further transmissions of wisdom and inspiration to assist your awakening self realization. At this time you may experience a purification or healing crisis where the dense energies which are leaving you may be felt emotionally. While this can feel uncomfortable it is usually followed by a period of transformation on the next day where your energy field is recreated in alignment with your life’s purpose along with the grace to make the needed changes in your life. A positive outcome of a retreat and the information and healing you have received are integrated and anchored, leaving you ready to embrace life in an awakened and aware state.

Those who experience a retreat often comment on the atmosphere of peace and serenity they felt during the various sessions, as well as their healing and deep sense of connection within themselves they wish to carry with them after having experienced a BC retreat centre.

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