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Wet Room Shower Screens: Why They Are So Practical

Wet Room Shower Screens: Why They Are So Practical

Wet room shower screens are installed to improve the overall look of the bathroom. They look elegant and classy. However, there are other reasons why people opt to use them. Here are the practical reasons why shower screens are used.

They help avoid water splashing

With the help of the screen, water is prevented from heading outside of the shower area and splashing on other bathroom fixtures. Your towel will not end up getting wet, nor will the tissue rolls, nearby. You can waterproof other areas, but using a shower screen is the simplest solution. It also minimises the risk of slipping and injury. For older people and children, this is a huge help.

Increase privacy

Although walk-in showers are getting more popular these days, some people are not totally comfortable with the idea. They would rather have an enclosure just for added sense of privacy. When they are enveloped in one area, they have a warm and cosy feeling. For some, it is just a matter of preference, but for others, it is a must.

There is additional storage available

By installing a shower screen, you can also have robe hook clips installed over the top. You can easily hang towels or robes just outside the shower, where they are easy to get. A hanging rack is also an option where you can easily organise beauty and hair care products without getting worried that they will get wet.

There is no visual barrier

Wet room shower screens are very minimalist in nature, clear and frameless enclosures that won’t obstruct vision. You will still see the entire bathroom while showering. This creates an illusion that there is plenty of space available.

Maintenance is easy

If you hate cleaning the bathroom, install a wetroom shower screen. They are very easy to maintain and are really hygienic. There are not a lot of parts that need cleaning. Even the glass panels don’t have to be cleaned all the time since they are hit by the water each time you shower. The growth of mould in nooks and crannies is also not to be worried about since they are not present in the shower screen. Regular cleaning will suffice. You won’t have to spend several hours just to get it clean.

Check your bathroom now and measure it to find out if a shower screen would fit, and how much space would be taken up. If you really want to go for a shower screen but there is not enough space available, consider renovation. You can extend the bathroom and you can have a really huge area for showering. This change in your bathroom will definitely be worth it.

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