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Watching Paint Dry? How to Expand Your Paint Business to Reach New Customers

If you have a paint business, then your strategy for expansion is key. If you are not growing, then your business is dying. However, this can seem overwhelming at first. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. If you use the right strategies, you can reach more customers for your paint business than ever before and raise your profits. Here are five techniques to consider.

Hire Contemporary Artists

There is nothing like art to get people excited about something. When people are watching a mural be done or viewing the final product, you will have a nice chance to mention your paint products. People often associate two things that happen at the same time with each other. Thus, the positive association of the art will rub off on your paint.

Anti-Graffiti Paint

You can find an anti-graffiti paint manufacturer and start offering this to towns and cities. With the rise of this kind of crime, you want to be able to offer them a way to cover up these pieces of amateur art. That way, they can get about with their other business to attend to.

Host Painting Events

Consider hosting a local painting event. Print some fliers and take out some ads on social media. Then, offer your paint for free or major discounts. That will get your name out there and show the community that you have goodwill towards them.

Improve Sales Processes

If you are not selling more paint, then it means there is room for improvement with your sales. Ask your team if there are things you could be doing to empower them more. Then, look at their script and their results. Somewhere there is likely a stopping point that needs to be addressed.

Tweak Your Funnel

Your online marketing funnel should be channeling plenty of interested paint buyers in your direction. If it is not, then you are missing out on sales. Make sure your social media page is online and feeding this funnel, allowing you to test different ad methods that you want to try out.
When it comes to the paint business, not every business strategy is the same. Some will help you get more customers and make more profits. Others will leave you watching paint dry as your competitors eat up all your marketshare. So don’t risk falling behind in your market. Use the tips above. That way, you can make sure to get the most out of your paint and your position the marketplace.

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