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Up Your Conversion Rate: 5 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

Up Your Conversion Rate: 5 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

Many online business owners often worry about increasing the amount of traffic that funnels to their website. In actuality, it’s more important to worry about turning the existing traffic into buyers rather than just increasing exposure. These are five ways in which you can turn those existing website visitors into paying customers.

Make the Website Incredibly Easy to Use

It sounds obvious, but you want to make it as simple as possible for the user to buy or sign up for whatever it is that you’re selling or pushing. Make sure there is an obvious call to action above the fold, ensure compatibility among browsers and platforms, and provide links with more information in an easy-to-find location. Often it’s a good idea to keep to styles found on other major websites, as the customer learns the locations of what they want on these sites, and therefore will find your easier to navigate.

Hire an Ad Agency to Help

Many marketing companies such as HiveMind Marketing, with custom web development based in San Jose, are professionally seasoned with building stronger websites and creating conversion-ready content. There’s not much that can help you create conversions more than employing the help of those that do it every day for a living. Marketing agencies research your target audience, develop advertising materials, and deliver them to your audience. Some companies also do inbound marketing, which is critical for your conversion rate.

Only Ask for Information that You Absolutely Need

Many users turn away from websites or potential sales when the checkout or signup process is too lengthy. As a rule of thumb, go over your checkout form or whichever method you’re using to make the conversion and ensure that it only requests relevant information. People are becoming more impatient than ever before online, and it can only take a few seconds of confusion or frustration for a potential conversion to leave your website. This is why it’s imperative that you make the conversion process extremely simple.

Form Trust with Your Users

Next, form a bond of trust with your users. People often express extreme caution when buying online, and it’s often times impossible for them to know that you are legitimate business without disclosing the evidence. Feel free to list your brick and mortar address, a phone number, as well as a VeriSign logo. Including these things on your website can help your users know that you’re a real, morally sound business.

Create a Return Policy

Lastly, create a return policy for your business, and make sure that it is visible and easy to find. Return policies also strengthen buyers’ trust online. A user knows that once they make their purchase online with your business, they can easily return whatever it is that they bought according to your return policy. Ultimately, this helps alleviate their anxiety about buying online by a long shot.

Remember: when it comes to creating conversions for your website, it’s not all about increasing your traffic. Instead, make it easier for your user to make the decision to buy from you. Always analyze your conversion process, and simulate as much as possible!

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