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Top Aspects to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture Miami

When considering purchasing furniture, most customers are either scared or apprehensive. These feelings usually stem from, discussions between different materials, a lack of familiarity with the preferred material and fears about how it will complement their home life. One should be assured that the use and implementation of leather into the home should be nothing to fear, nevertheless, here are a few things to consider purchasing leather furniture.


Firstly, before purchasing anything, you should consider the intended location of where it will reside. In most cases, the location will be dictated by the type of piece you are looking for, however, in some cases it might not be.

Traditionally, most pieces are used in office spaces and studies, however, in recent years most pieces of furniture for the living room, bedroom and dining might be made from this material.

The appropriate location for your desired piece is incredibly important because with a poor location, your piece can become an eyesore rather than the beautiful accent it was supposed to be.

Consider the size of the appropriate piece to fit into the desired location. There are a plethora of options to choose from. While it can be overwhelming to make a decision, one should understand that considering style and locations will greatly narrow down your options and increase the chances of you finding the desired item.

Natural Markings/Color

As a natural material, no two hides are ever the same; they are likely to have different colors and markings aiding to the beauty of the material. A huge mistake most customers make is that they buy things based on the swatch, but the item itself never reflects the same color. Before purchasing a particular color, test the swatch by stretching it. In stretching the swatch, you will see what the color look like when it has been stretched over the frame, revealing the true color you’ll actually be experiencing. A small tip but it goes a long way in being better prepared.


In regards to the natural markings, graining also provides another major differentiation in the style of the material. Graining can be found in hide on the top layer just below the hair. The top layer of hide is called Full Grain – it is usually tight, durable and moisture resistant. Full Grain also produces a beautiful color through aging, which will be discussed later. On the other hand, there’s Top Grain. Top Grain refers to a more superficial layer above the Full Grain layer which has been buffed, reducing markings and imperfections. A major advantage of Top Grain is that it provides a more uniform color compared to Full Grain. Consider graining before making your purchase.


We all prefer a wine that as been aged over time, so too, most people prefer aged leather. The process of aging is called Patina. Patinas are caused by direct contact with sunlight. The sun serves to “dye” the material, thus changing its color almost like tanning or the bleaching of hair. If you love the color now, you’ll adore it later. Underneath most leather casings, you’ll find a mesh material. The mesh serves to allow the material to breathe, aiding to the aging process. The process is natural and most lover of aging will love the significant difference it makes.


Leather is a naturally stain resistant material, however, you can better ensure the piece’s stain resistance through the application of a special coating. Direct sunlight will speed up the aging process. Unfortunately, your place of residence might not cater to an even stream of sunlight. If so, this can cause spots of aging in your furniture if exposed to sunlight. Again, location is important.

A great tip for new owners, if your piece is new, to apply a coating as soon as possible; preferably before use. These special coating can also help prevent cracking and breaks that can occur as it dries out.


Lastly, most customers are apprehensive about purchasing anything leather due to fears regarding maintenance. As specified earlier, leather is rather durable and so, easy to maintain. With use of a special coating, you can ensure the longevity of your furniture.

If for any reason, cleaning is required, here a few things to consider. If a spill or stain occurs, avoid using soap or detergents, specifically oil soaps, mild soaps and saddle soaps. Most of these option can cause significant damage to the material, disrupting the color or degrading the strength of it.

In most instances, simply using a vacuum cleaner with a brush, distilled water, leather cleaner designed for upholstery will best clean your items. Use a clean terry-cloth or paper towel for cleaning purposes also; you will require a tough but delicate material to clean your piece.

Avoid using home remedies and other solution to clean with. If improper cleaning solutions have been used and they cause damage to the item, warranties can be voided.

For superficial scratches, apply conditioner and rub it into the fabric with your hands in a circular motion. This conditioner has been made particularly for these instances and can be found locally. For larger repairs, either take it to a specialist or you can repair the piece by yourself through bonding with an iron. Either way, with the ability to easily be repaired and the durability of the material, it should last a lifetime.

Consider all these options before purchasing your desired items. All of these options can greatly impact the longevity of your piece but also the kind of care necessary to maintain it. Leather Furniture should not be scary, and in most cases it can be a welcomed alternative to fabric items. It lasts longer, looks nicer, and it’s more comfortable to sit in. Nowadays, there are multiple items that are made from this natural material, so you have a smorgasbord to choose from. Before purchasing, please consult with an expert to ensure you are properly educated on the risks and concerns with choosing this wonderful material. They are more likely to provide you with the perfect solution for your needs and within your budget. Have fun and good luck shopping!

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