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Green building is not a new concept, but since it is gaining the much-needed recognition and acceptance now, it is vital to get green building construction and sustainable development right.0

This is why we have compiled a list of helpful tips that will guide you to make your green building initiative a success:

Hire a green building professional:

To ensure that you are off to a good start, hire a green building professional or an organization that has experts holding green building certification to help you guide throughout the construction process. Their extensive knowledge and expertise will help you streamline the whole process from planning to designing to performance in a manner that yields high return on investment, nurture a green planet and improve the quality of life.

Think locally:

In sustainable development and green building construction, every minuscule effort matters. This is why it is crucial to think about where the supplies are sourced from profoundly. One should try to use products that can be sourced locally, since the efforts to bring material from another location, defeats the purpose of sustainability and efficient-energy, albeit, not-so-apparent.

Install energy efficient fixtures:

When designing your home, make sure that you purchase as many as energy efficient fixtures as possible such as windows. These installations although have a high upfront cost can yield environment and budget-friendly results such as enhancing the insulation by eliminating hot and cold spots in the home. They promote a healthy environment and help cut down on maintenance and household expense in the long run. Similarly make use of doors and windows made from fiberglass, that enhance efficiency.

Be mindful of the minor details:

Green building will only be a success when every little aspect is taken care of such as flooring, air, and water. Opt for eco-friendly options or make use of products made from recycled materials in your carpet and carpeting, since these products emit a low level of pollutants and volatile organic compounds. To reduce wastage of water, property owners should install efficient water heaters and low flow shower heads. Making use of a hybrid water heater and installing hot water recirculation inefficient toilets will promote minimum water wastage.

Keep in mind the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

The aim of sustainable development and in it green building construction is to make use of fewer fossil fuels, reduce the pollution level and use reclaimed materials as a construction component. Your building, be it residential or commercial should have an effective waste reduction policy. Every single action of yours should stem from an approach that contributes to a healthier environment.

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