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Tips And Advice To Follow While Considering Foil Stamping On Cards

Similar to any printing process hot printing also have got its own pros and cons but the advantages in it eclipses the disadvantages and therefore, hot printing is an important and popular way of marketing your brand. Hot printing can be used in any kind of product and for any type of printing design. Not only plastic and paper, you can also have images hot printed on wooden products, ceramic items and even glassware. But when you want to make your wedding invitation card look beautiful and attractive with some golden inscriptions in it, you must consider a few points to have the best effect.

Use Of Foil

You may know that colored foils are usedin hot printing, which can be metallic or non-metallic for that matter. Available in different types and colors, it can give spectacular effect to the appearance of your wedding card. To know more about foil types and its colors, you can log into and select the color foil of your choice. Foils are an opaque medium which carries the color pigments attached in the adhesive layer of the foil which are melted with the help of heat and pressure.

Tips And Advice To Follow While Considering Foil Stamping On Cards

No Change Of Color

There is no use of any ink in foils unlike lithography, thermography and letterpress type of printing. As a result of it, there is no change of color of the foil based on the color of the paper on which the image or text is to be printed. This makes the lighter colored or metallic foils work great on colored or dark papers. The finish of the print can be varied with the use of foils including matte finish, metallic finish, and glossy finish. You can also have holographic, pearlescent and marble pattern design as well in your wedding card. There are also tint foils which are semi-transparent available in the market which you can use if you want the color of the paper to show through the printing.

Consider Other Points

To bring out the desired effect of the print hot printing with the help of foils require multiple runs to achieve the multi-color design just like in letter press. Therefore, it takes some time for a finished product to come out and also makes it a bit expensive proposition. Care should also be taken that heat is not applied near the text or designs which are already applied by thermography as it can melt the resins used for thermography. Visit to know more about the printing process.

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