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The Unexpected Challenges Of Managing A Restaurant Workforce

Operating a restaurant can be a fun and lucrative enterprise. However, it requires careful thought to keep things running smoothly. Avoid common pitfalls like the following to ensure a high degree of success.

Hiring and Training

Finding the right type of employee for restaurant work can be difficult. Some people disdain the idea of restaurant work, while others lack the necessary skills. Find staff members who are committed to the restaurant and their role in it. Adequate training helps to prepare employees for their jobs.

Dependability and responsibility are paramount. Employees should show up on time and complete work during the scheduled shift. They shouldn’t waste time talking to coworkers when there is work to be done. Good restaurant workers take pride in serving high-quality, well prepared food. Cleanliness, efficiency, and a good attitude are signs of an excellent employee.

Sourcing Equipment

Reliable restaurant equipment plays a vital role in customer satisfaction and safety. Ovens need to cook food at proper temperatures so that it is safe and wholesome for consumption. Refrigerators must maintain proper temperatures both for freezing and refrigerating perishable foods. A heating lamp to keep hot foods the proper temperature temporarily is also important. All equipment should be new and come with a warranty or used but in great condition, and possibly have an extended warranty. Obtaining and maintaining reliable equipment can be a surprisingly tough job. Whoever you buy your equipment from, whether a local supplier or online retailer like Budget Restaurant Supply, it’s worth the effort to form a good, professional relationship with your supplier.

Ambiance and Atmosphere

Every employee should play a positive part in the restaurant’s atmosphere. Suitable music and décor, along with properly-attired servers, can quickly help guests to feel welcome and can be a factor in how much or how often a customer comes back. Keeping the staff happy and focused is surprisingly important in creating a welcoming atmosphere. There are few, if any, tangible markers of having a good “ambience,” and this is likely one of the hardest parts of running a good restaurant.

Customer Loyalty

Restaurant staff should look for ways to make customers feel welcome. An employee’s self-introduction, courteous manner, and brief overview of the day’s menu specialties should be seen as the introduction to the restaurant. Some restaurant staff make small talk to help the customer relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Special dishes like a regional favorite may be offered, and holiday discounts given. Employees should keep customers comfortable and well served. Not only is the customer likely to return, but referrals may be made to friends and family members.

Restaurant managers have one of the most demanding jobs in the world. If you can run a restaurant, you can probably run anything—even a boardroom.

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