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The Trend of Indian Takeaway Cambridge : The Love for Indian Food

Indian restaurant

Indian Cuisine is by far one of the most cherished cuisines in the world. The food options are not just limited to some of the classics like Masala Dosa or butter chicken, but there are limitless options to explore. Indian Food has lots to offer in terms of recipes and taste. Being a land of diversity and vast culture, the food differs in taste from region to region and this makes it unique and nostalgic at the same time.

While searching for a good Indian restaurant menu in and around Cambridge, one might readily take a look at the Dosa factory, which offers a delicious array of proper home cooked food. This restaurant has by large been one of the best to offer both vegetarian and nonvegetarian foods. One can try out several dishes like Biryani, Chicken Kebabs and of course the Dosa and not resist but lick the fingers till of the flavors are gulped down.

Digging into the best delicacies provided:

If one is new to the Indian Cuisine, then there is so much to explore in the whole culinary world of India. One can likely absorb some of the best flavors and take a dig into some of the well-known takeaway delicacies which include:

  • The butter chicken-

Cooked with delicate pieces of chicken, which is marinated in succulent spices, the butter chicken is considered to be one of the official delicacies of the Indian palate. The amount of spices comfortably balances the tender chicken and the butter adds creaminess to the whole recipe. This is considered to be one of the best takeaway foods.

  • Masala Dosa-

When it comes to Indian Takeaway Cambridge, Masala Dosa is the best south Indian dish that is absolutely loved by all. One can likely never forget the after taste that lingers in the mouth after a bite of the delicacy is taken. In order to get the best taste of the Dosa, surely dip the food in the sambhar chutney and coconut chutney that is given as the side sauces.

  • The famous chicken Manchurian and fried rice-

Chicken Manchurian and fried rice are considered to be the best Chinese version of Indian cuisine. With the tender chicken pieces marinated in soya sauce and vinegar and black pepper, the whole dish gets uplifted to a whole new level. The gravy can be customized and can be dry as well. The fried rice is considered to be the best option along with the Manchurian.

Snack dishes as Takeaways:

Some of the Indian restaurants also give snacks as takeaways. The best ones to pack and enjoy include:

  • The famous potato samosa
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Masala Noodles
  • Vada or lentils Balls

The flavors of all of the above foods are light and are considered to be the best options for snacking. All of the foods can be customized and the restaurant can make them spicy or less spicy just according to the requirements.

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