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The Top 5 Business Promotional Items on the Market

Some promotional products sell better than others because they’re affordable and functional. It’s all about the customers to; you should always look to use the type of items that they respond to in order to increase the chances of them remembering your brand.
There are plenty of promotional products to choose from, but if you’re overwhelmed by the choices you can fall back on the best-selling promotional items listed below.
Custom Water Bottles
Custom water bottles are among the best-selling promotional items available. The main reason for this is because they’re functional. We all need water and with a water bottle, we can carry on water on the go. The other reason this particular item works is that it can be given on any occasion by any company. Some promotional items do not have this sort of versatility. The large surface area, upon which the company can imprint their logos and messages, also makes water bottles a good choice.
Nylon Sports Packs
Like water bottles, nylon sports packs are functional and people could take them on the go. The lightweight nylon can hold a lot of personal items and the convenient shoulder straps also increase its usefulness. Available in a wide variety of colors, you can choose the colors that will best complement your logo.
Imprint your logo, contact details and message in the center of the bag so it’s visible to the recipient and provides good marketing for your business.
Ballpoint Pen
Although a ball point pen will not offer the same amount of marketing space as a water bottle or sports pack, they are still a popular choice for promotional products. They are hundreds of different types of pens available for every price point, so you’re bound to find out that fits your budget.
Keep in mind that you should think quality even while you have a small budget. It doesn’t bode well for your business it have its name emblazoned on a writing utensil that give up at the first stroke. Clickable pens are more popular than the ones with caps and colored barrels will draw attention to the information inscribed on the pen.
Coffee Mugs
Just about everyone drinks coffee or tea, and what better utensil to hold hot drinks than a coffee mug. Chances are your cupboards in the office or at home contain several coffee mugs. Some of them might be even be promotional mugs that you picked up over the years.
Coffee mugs are another bestselling promotional item because they’re functional and people will use them almost every day. Business owners know this and use them to keep their names in the forefront of their customers and prospects minds. Coffee mugs are also durable and provide a large surface for printed promotional messages.
Tote Bags
Totes bags are everywhere and just about anyone can use them. As a promotional item, they provide lots of visibility for your brand. Whenever customers go out shopping, traveling, to the library, to the park or to the supermarket they will use a handy tote to carry personal items around. This provides an opportunity for others to learn about your brand.
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