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Stunning Gel Nail Designs For This Winter

Stunning Gel Nail Designs For This Winter

Women love winter. This is because winter is the time of fashion. Winter offers a lot of fashion. Most women who profess not to be interested in fashion still like the idea of decorating their nails with nail polish. A good manicure can make a woman happy. Winter nail designs are a wonderful way to begin winter fashion. You can brighten your winter with the bright colors of your nail polish. It could be gel nail polish, acrylic or natural ones. The preferred winter colors are like Burgundy, glittery dark purple, metallic blue etc.

There are many ideas for decorating your nails. Let us discuss some of them for this winter. The colors for winter should be bright and lively. Also, your nails with the extra layer of nail polish get protection from the harsh winter.

Snowy winter and blue nails – Blue is an excellent color for winter, you could add a few silvery snowflakes on them and the ring fingers could be decorated with silver shimmers.

Christmas theme – Christmas is the fun-filled time in winter. You will be attending a lot of parties and be hosting a few. You can go with the Christmas colors of red, white, green, stars etc. This design is apt for Christmas.

Soft looking burgundy – If your general make up enhances your softness, you could add a soft decoration to your nails too. Adding silvery snowflakes on burgundy polish is just right too with this.

Candy cane – This is another eye-catching design that is most suitable for the time of winter and New Year. Mixing candy cane design with silver glitter and rhinestones will make your nails dazzling for Christmas.

Sweater designs – This goes well for short nails with grey color. The creative designs of sweater mixed with plain grey make your nails look very homey and intimate.

Cheers after the holidays – Once the holidays are over, we are back to the drudgery of daily life. You can make it more lively with dark and glittery shades of green or blue to make things brighter and dazzling.

Valentine – The end of winter also brings the romantic time of Valentine. You can decorate your nails with hearts and glitters. You could use the unusual colors as they go well with the theme of love and romance.

Cool decoration – The winter brings lots of snowflakes and luminous snow. Decorating nails with snowflakes, glitters, crystals and ornaments with black and gray is an ideal winter decoration.

Blue Ombre stripes – Starting with a shade like royal blue and using complimentary stripes of lighter shade and end up with white right at the center. This is a very easy, simple design that looks gorgeous.

Bella sugar – This is an extremely simplistic yet very attractive decoration. Use any of the minty shades to paint your nails. Accentuate one nail with the wintry sparkle of snowflakes. The snowflakes could be hand drawn.


Winter times are dull and gray. You can bring cheer with lively colors on your fingernails. The decorations reflect the festivities and seasons. Let your creativity flow and decorate the nails of your fingers in eye-catching designs with gel nail products.

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