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SEO For Beginners: Finding 5 Steps To Help You Get Started

SEO is vital to the success of online marketing efforts and it is important for any marketer to integrate SEO into their strategy, and though it seems complicated, it is easier than it seems. Here are five steps to help you get started to understand what goes into it.

Keyword Optimization

Ensuring that the content you produce is centered around a specific keyword will help you rank in search engine page results for that specific word. Provided that the content is useful and of quality that the reader will want, you stand a good chance of rising through Google’s ranks and gaining search engine traffic. It is important to use the keyword naturally an appropriate number of times; too little and it isn’t effective. Too often and you might be penalized by the algorithm for spamming. The best density is around 1% — once for every 100 words on the page.

Customer Testimonials

In today’s world of rapid-fire information transmission, consumers rely on good reviews to help them make decisions on what to purchase. Including positive reviews on your page, for example, these Orangesoda testimonials, will create trust with your readers and lend you an increased social reputation. Seeing that other customers are satisfied makes it more likely that visitors will convert to customers.

Back Linking

Another aspect of SEO that lends strength to your page is the number of back links pointing from reputable sites. Websites with a higher page rank give stronger back links than those without, so if you take the time to guest post on major blogs within your industry and link back to your site, you’ll soon rank for your niche. Google rarely indexes a site with no back links, so until you have a few, your site isn’t likely to appear in search engine results.

Social Media

While social media technically creates back links, the links it generates are not very valuable. What it does offer, however, is social reputation and word of mouth. If people begin to visit your page because of your social media efforts, Google’s algorithms pick up on that increased traffic and boost your site up in the ranks. The key is to be active on social media; engage readers in conversation. With the rise of social media it is important to stay on top of all of the trends and create content that is going to

Quality Content

While harder to measure quantitatively than the others, writing quality content that is both helpful and useful for your readers ensures they return time and time again, and helps to build a following of devoted fans. It is this ‘tribe’ of people that follow you that will generate the most sales, no matter how much marketing you do.

This process should be viewed as one big picture and implement every aspect of it together. While these five steps are not the entirety of search engine optimization, they are enough to get you off to a good start and help you with your online marketing efforts.

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