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Relocating? 5 Tips For Safely Moving Business Equipment

Relocating? 5 Tips For Safely Moving Business Equipment

Every significant move comes with the risk of something valuable being lost, stolen, or damaged. It is already expensive to relocate. You do not want to add to the cost by having to buy more equipment to replace what was destroyed during the move. Here are five ways to secure your gear when relocating your company from one location to the next.

Carefully Pack Your Computers

Proper packing for your computers means that you give each monitor its separate anti-static bubble wrapping. You should also place each screen in a different space so that monitors are not stacked on top of one another. Do not put monitors in a box. Although such packing measures may seem like the right idea, you may do more harm than good by placing your computer monitors in boxes.

Pack Printers, Copiers, and Fax Machines with Care

Printers, fax machines, and copiers should also be packed individually and carefully. You should remove toner cartridges from printers to avoid the risk of leakage that could ruin the device. Consider taping down lids and attachments to prevent damaging or losing such components. Also, carefully place tape on the protective foam and be sure that none of the sticky substance gets on the computer monitors or other vital parts of your electronic equipment. How horrible would it be to have expensive products ruined by a strip of tape?

Organize the Cables

You should disconnect wires strategically. Do not detach all of the accessories and place them in a single box as such packing technique can create chaos when you settle into your new space. Instead, disconnect cables from each computer and put them separately in boxes. You should also consider labeling the packages with numbers that correlate with the machines that the wires belong to have a smoother unpacking process.

Correctly Label All of Your Boxes

Marking all of your boxes is an excellent way to keep track of equipment and avoid damages due to stacking the wrong packages on top of each other. A brief description of what is inside the box is usually all that is necessary to get the point across.

Hire Movers for the Job

Professional movers like Affordable Moving Company and similar businesses are highly skilled and capable of ensuring that your equipment is packed properly. They also help with organization by placing all labeled boxes together.

Your equipment is too expensive and vital to business operations for it to be lost or damaged. Prepare for your move early by taking inventory of what you have and carefully packing it for relocation. Remember to keep these tips in mind to help you ensure that nothing you own is lost or damaged in the process. Be careful and take your time, and everything will go smoothly.

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