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Reliable Representation: 4 Tips For Finding An Attorney You Can Trust For Your Business

Reliable Representation: 4 Tips For Finding An Attorney You Can Trust For Your Business

There are large numbers of attorneys available in all parts of the country. These lawyers are all very different and range from experienced litigators to tax attorneys and contract law specialists. Finding the right lawyer from all the options available is not always simple. Several tips will help anyone to find a reliable and trustworthy attorney.

Check Credentials and References

A trustworthy attorney will have solid credentials and references. It is a good idea to double-check references to make sure the lawyer is a member of the Bar Association in good standing with no problems. It is also essential to ask for at least three references from past clients. Contacting these references and asking questions can reveal how the attorney performed, what the billing practices are like and how fast the lawyer responds to communications. A reliable lawyer will have excellent credentials and references.

Ask About the Caseload

Trusting a lawyer means knowing that the attorney is dedicating as much time as necessary to a case. Something to ask is the size of the current caseload for the attorney. The caseload should not be overwhelming. A lawyer with a large caseload might not have the time to spend following up on small details of the case. This could lead to unreliable representation. Although most lawyers handle multiple cases at once, the current caseload should be reasonable.

Make Sure the Attorney Will Be Handling the Case

There are many instances where a lawyer will meet with a client and then pass the case to an associate. If a lawyer seems trustworthy and reliable, then it is important to make certain that exact person will be handling the case. Clients can often request that the attorney personally deal with a claim. Lawyers who cannot guarantee who will be working on a lawsuit might have no personal contact with a client after the initial consultation.

Assess the Personality of the Lawyer

A final tip is to carefully assess the personality of the lawyer. Every attorney is different. An attorney with a personality that does not connect well might cause feelings of doubt despite credentials. The advice or strategy of the lawyer might come into question because of personality conflicts. The most reliable and trustworthy attorney will be one with a personality that matches well with the client.

It is important to interview more than one attorney before making a decision. The extra time two or three interviews will take is well spent if you end up with the right match for you. According to Gittens & Associates (lawyers in Newfoundland), talking with a general firm will allow you to see if they have an expert in the specific area of law with which you are concerned. Choosing a trustworthy and reliable lawyer can make a large difference when dealing with the complexities of the legal system.

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