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Real Stories About Aliens

What happened to see Alexander Pollak:” August 19 at about 19.15 I brought to the circuit his girlfriend to show what I can see here regularly when learning to drive, – the glowing orbs. And I started watching them regularly since August 1907 … This place is great – bright horizon, no flashlight, no roads. It was like this: I drew attention to the bright star, which was moving erratically across the sky and hang out, to flare up, even more, change colors to blue and orange. Then it flew another same star and hung, then they both fell and extinguished, erupted after a time in the opposite direction. So the first time I saw a UFO flying. I come here often and nearly every time I observe the same phenomenon. I do not understand why they fly here and what they want? So, we sit with a friend, looking at the sky – and then there are three bright balls! She could not believe my eyes!!! They hung from the Makeyevka Metal zap Veda, then stuck and became alternately fade.”

Real Stories About Aliens

NASA has published on its web-site archival documents showing Apollo mission astronauts meeting with foreigners, and alien structures on the Moon writes

The documents show that numerous Apollo missions, astronauts were persecuted during their UFO work and they had various meetings with “strangers” in the cosmos to find out about alien invasion on earth.

In addition to the numerous testimonies of people finally spoke for the motion of the disclosure recently, hundreds of declassified documents were made available to the public. They detail the UFO sightings, mysterious phenomena, and meetings with extraterrestrial life.

One of the most interesting points of FBI archival documents that:

– Some discs are crews; others are under remote control.

– Their mission is peaceful; Visitors are studying during the landings on the planet.

– These visitors like a man, but a lot more people in size.

– They are not embodied by people originating from the Earth – they are natives of his world.

– Drives have some radiant energy.

– They do not come any “planet” in our understanding, but of ethereal planets that overlap with our own, but we do not perceive.

– The bodies of the visitors and their vehicles automatically materialize at the entrance to the vibratory rate of our dense matter.

– They’re back in the ether density, and simply disappear for us to become completely inaccessible to our perception.

– The region, where they come from, is not the astral plane but corresponds Laccase (Lakes) and Talas (Talas). People who study the esoteric questions, understand the meaning of these terms.

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