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Ready For Success: 3 Tips To Dazzle And Shine In Your Next Interview

Preparing for job interviews is part art, part science. There are some musts, as well as other elements that are left up to your best judgment. To best prepare for success, take these three tips to dazzle and shine in your next interview to heart.

1. Put Extra Care Into Your Appearance

You want to put your best foot forward when making a first impression, and this can be done by taking the time to take care of your appearance. The first step is to dress nicely and conservatively. In almost every case, a suit is the proper attire to wear to an interview, although if the company’s dress code is extraordinarily casual you can come across as a poor fit for the company’s culture. It’s always important to try and turn up this kind of information in your research ahead of time. Any color, piece of clothing or jewelry that’s too flashy and distracting should be left at home. Make sure you or nothing on you gives off an unsavory or strong odor. To go the extra mile, you can even get your teeth whitened by dental professionals, like those at Village Family Dental.

2. Ask Questions

The best job interviews are really give and take – a conversation. If an interview is going like this, it’s generally a good sign that the company values their employees and is really interested in finding the right fit. Asking intelligent questions and engaging with the interviewer rather than sitting passively and expecting to only answer questions will impress. Be sure the questions you ask are relevant and not inquiries you could have answered with your pre-interview research.

3. Give Specifics

An interviewer doesn’t want to hear general answers. They don’t tell the interviewer anything about you and they don’t help you stand out in the interviewer’s mind. So when asked a question, use specific examples and anecdotes to showcase your experience, passion and abilities. For example, if you get asked about what attracted you to this company, you can tell them something you turned up in your research that impressed you. You can then tie that back into your own experience to show how you have supported something similar in the past. Be genuine and honest in your answers.

There’s a lot of interview advice circling around out there, and much of it is good, but the best thing you can do is be yourself. Coming across as authentic and passionate, rather than stilted, is the ultimate key to acing your interview. Do that, along with the proper preparation, and you’ll be sure to dazzle and shine in any interview you do.

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