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Put A Stop To Cold Feet Hunting

Cold feet hunting have always been in scenario where hunters like to explore their prey under zero temps. Wearing multiple layers of clothes is pre-assumed as the only solution to combat cold. However, one thing that every hunter fails to understand is that the best way of ensuring protection from cold is by keeping the body temperature on a scale of normal reading and keeping the feet warm. The new insulated boot covers has come up as a popular solution to your cold feet hunting.

Put A Stop To Cold Feet Hunting

These over-the-boot layering imparts utmost protection from cold and chilly winds. These covers have created a win-win situation for many hunters who now un-hesitatingly take up hunting trips to cold areas. Equipped with effective Retain Technology, these boot covers are ideal to be worn during cold weather and carry on with various sedentary activities apart from hunting such as fishing, snowmobiling and other outdoor sporting events. These smartly designed and free size boot blanket insulated covers impart 2-ply 300 gram (high loft) insulation which is set sandwiched between a tough poly/cotton outer shell as well as a nylon water repellent inner shell. Such covers have been worked upon to improve the level of functionality by providing a new as well as improved slip-resistant vinyl sole.

Also, putting them on and taking off is quite a simple procedure. These are imparted with a rear closure heavy duty nylon zipper which makes it quite easy to place and remove the covers. Hunters truly admire their draw cord which imparts the wearers with a snug fit above the boot. For ease of carriage and transportation, it has a snap-over belt loop. While one is on a hunt, it is always required that the perspiration should be kept to its minimum. Here are some useful tips to keep perspiration to its lowest level:

  • Do not consume caffeine and spicy foods: It is advised that on a hunting trip such foods should be avoided since these stimulate neurotransmitters known as acetylcholine which can then affect the sweat glands. Especially on a big hunt, try to stick to more bland foods.
  • Early Leaving & Slow Walking:  Forcing oneself to walk slowly where there is a hurry to reach at someplace can be extremely tough. So, it is wide to leave early and choose to walk slowly which can restrict the brain from receiving sweat vapor and transmit the same to the skin glands.
  • Uncapping the head:Unless, you are walking is snow, it is advised to walk with a bare head which can reduce the amount of perspiration.
  • Keep the Clothes Clean and Wear Them Only Once:Some of the clothing material wick moisture and become easily ineffective as soon as they are soiled. Wearing them once is advised.
  • Apply Antiperspirant before Sleeping: This is yet another highly effective and proven It takes 6-8 hours for an antiperspirant to merge in the sweat ducts followed by clogging the pores.

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