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Our Society is Growing Older and Their Safety is Important

Statistics reveal that 18% of its population is 65 years of age and older. When it comes to persons that are 85 years of age or older the percentage is over 2.4%. This number is steadily rising, due to people living longer. Studies show that in the year 2016, there were 285 individuals, for every 1,000 persons that were between the ages of 16 to 64. The life expectancy in the UK is increasing. The average female is expected to live well into her early 80s. For men, their life expectancy is on average ten years less. In it is averaged that a good 39 million Americans are currently 65 and older. This number has increased by 4%, from the 1900s.

Experts say due, the increase in human longevity has primarily had to do with the surge in medical technology and advancement. Add this, to the reality of women not having as many children as in the past.

Though statistics are excellent pieces of information, many people will agree that our older family members are much more than statistics. They are people that we love and care for. And we all do our best to help them live as long as possible. They are people that helped to raise us, such as parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and neighbors. They were there to watch us and make sure we on the right track. They gave advice to us, even when we didn’t want it, and lent an ear to us when we desperately needed someone to talk to. So, statistics are great, but to many these numbers are real. As a society, we want to make sure our older generation is safe and content. Lifeline Telecare is there to make certain that they are. Lifeline Telecare specializes in providing alert alarms. As a member, an individual can receive a personal panic alarm. This personal panic alarm is designed to send help immediately. If the button on this alarm is pushed, regardless of the time of night, someone will be there. Alert alarms of all different types are being created, for easier convenience and access. And Lifeline Telecare is making sure that they’re leading the way, in the development of new innovative alarms.

Independence is something that no one wants to lose. It’s something that we’ve had all of our lives. So regardless, of age, most people will not give it up freely. This is why the development of personal panic alarms are so very important. The ability to contact family and friends right away becomes crucial. Due to technology some devices can detect if a person has fallen and have lost consciousness. other devices actually allow the person to talk through a pendant, where ever they are, whether at home, shopping etc.

To know that your loved ones are still independent and living on their own is a good feeling. However, if you’re worried about them all the time, it can cause you to become upset and stressed out. With a personal panic alarm and other types of advanced alert alarms, the stress can be alleviated and you can rest assured that you will be notified if anything goes wrong.

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