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Now Women can have their own power

Opening Remarks:

Delta sigma theta is an association that forms a partnership that focuses on the services given to the public and also it looks after the improvement of the association. It was set up in the year 1913 in Howard university. The association usually influences the new learners or women who are graduate or who are in the colleges to join this committee. All women are welcomed to join this partnership, no matter if they are of the different religions. Women from all the other countries are allowed to join the partnership. Most of the members of this organization are African Americans because  it mainly focuses on the African Americans. In these days, the committee has more than two Lakh members. It has around nine hundred throughout Korea, Germany, England, Japan, the United States, etc. and various other countries.

The Objectives and Management:

This committee helps and encourages the people from all the different countries to face the threats they have to face in their daily lives. Long ago this organization had set up programs for enhancing the African American  community. It also helps to build up the health care, improve the international development and education. It additionally provides schooling facilities and health care facilities to those who cannot manage it. This service program promotes the departmental framework  which is known as the Five-point program  Thrust. Under this background each schedule the organization sets up targets for evolving political entanglement and awareness. Likewise, it aims at increasing the involvement and awareness of the international problems, enhances the economic progress and much more. In the past Delta Sigma Theta consisted projects that help in the construction of the houses for the elderly and also patronized programs for encouraging healthy eating habits and weight loss amidst  all the members of the  partnership. It also has sponsored programs with the extreme goal to teach the women to take care of their money and invest in the native property. It continues to permit the latest chapters at one and the other pre-graduate and the post graduate levels. The chapters of the organization have classified into seven territories and in addition sub-divided by the state. The picnics at Greek are one of the leading times of the year.

Education Programs:

The organization is very bold with the education they provide. In all, they provide knowledge to around two Lakh fifty thousand learned women from the university. Education is a continuous adventure that never ends. They are always there, wherever we go. If you cannot cope up with the timings of your schools on a daily basis and due to this you have to go through your bad scores or grades, then it may not be an appropriate time for you.You must remember that you must complete your graduation prior, and there must be no one to approach in your part of the school year. Delta Sigma Theta has given the voting rights to create programs that constitute: re-establishing of the voting rights of the former offender, implementation of the Help America Vote Act, the revocation of the voter for preventing a person to have the right to vote, and some more programs.


The Delta Sigma Theta organization is not either a civil society. They do not authorize public enterprise. They only look after the foremost family tie. They must willingly come to the trail. The organization is an on the fence fighting chance. They are looking for the women who can hold the education of the searching concepts of the society and are also willing to recommend the ideas and importance of the Delta association.

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