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Nollywood Actress Eucheria Fires Back at Pastor Ituah Ighadalo

Eucharia Anunobixc

Some of you might have read this, but we decided to share it again with out readers.

Actress Eucheria Anunobi Disgrace Pastor Itua Ighodalo In His Church..Told Him,You Are Also A Product Of Failed Marriage

Don’t throw stone when you live in a glass house.

The Pastor of Trinity House Church, Itua Ighodalo, and members of his church got much more than they had bargained for recently when the he decided to organise an award ceremony for Nollywodd actresses.Unfortunately, the three actresses who made it to his church – Eucharia Anunobi, Stephnora Okereke and Doris Simeon – have all had trouble in their marriages at different times

Sunday, thus became a dramatic one for members and guests at the Trinity House Church. We gathered from an online source that Pastor Itua “mistakenly” seized the opportunity to insult actresses with broken marriages, and he got an instant response from the no nonsense Eucharia Anunobi (now an Evangelist).

According to the source, Pastor Itua, who wanted to give summary of the award initiatives before handing them over to the actresses, said that Nollywood marriages are breaking up everyday as a result of too much Unclothedness in the industry and rituals in their movies.

He was said to have dwelt too much on the issue of broken marriages in Nollywood that people felt that he was directly talking to the three actresses in his church. He allegedly stated that he wanted to redeem them from broken marriages and that was the reason of the award.

The actresses were said to have told each other that Pastor Itua seems to have forgotten that his own marriage also broke and he had to even take a second wife who he is living with now, as he is not free from what he accused them to be doing.

One of them was said to have told others that Pastor Itua himself was expelled from Redeemed Christian Church of God because he left his first wife to marry a second woman without any justifiable reason. After murmuring unbearably with each other, Eucharia Anunobi (the Evangelist) refused to keep quiet.When the time came for her to collect her award from the pulpit, Eucharia decided to voice out in defense and against the Pastor.

She was said to have disclosed that she will like to correct the notion that it is only Nollywood marriages that are breaking up.She indicated that she knew marriages of people who are not stars that had broken, that she knew pastors whose marriages had broken as well as ordinary Nigerians.

She was said to have asked the pastor, “How can you say that Nollywood marriages are breaking everyday? When you marry wrong wife, the marriage will break. When you marry the wrong man also, your marriage will break”.Speaking further she said, “Mine broke not because I wanted it to break. No sane person would marry hoping that the marriage would break.

The records must be set straight and not give people wrong impressions about us because as I stand today, I am shining light and ambassador of God in the film industry”.According to the source, anger was said to fill the faces of Trinity House Church members when their pastor derailed from his message and focused attention on Nollywood marriages, but they took to clapping when Eucharia was correcting their pastor.

Immediately she finished her bitter remarks, Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi was said to have moved straight to the Pastor greeted him and left the church premises with other actresses without sitting down again. Do you think UK did the right thing?

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