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New Age Office: How To Use The Elements Of Design To Increase Workflow

The average employee in the United States will spend around one-third of his or her life at the office. That can be over a quarter of a century working for someone else. Employers must be aware of the great potential for employee burnout and must plan offices that improve productivity and workflow. Often, the best style of office for this is one that follows the New Age concepts of engaged employees and collaborative workspaces.

Create Open-Flow Offices

Open-flow offices help employees feel that they are not cut off from their superiors. Instead, coworkers are inspired to work together in challenging situations and to have eye-to-eye contact instead of discussions through technology, such as email. These offices will help to develop teamwork, transparency and a high level of support from those in charge.

Give Employees Furniture and Office Choices

Employees will feel high levels of creativity when they have a say over their office spaces. This should include creating a different variety of spaces in the office, including private spaces, conference spaces, and lounge environments. Office designers should remember that much of this change can be brought about without a huge outlay of money. Some companies, like D&R Office Works, Inc., know that used office furniture can be an excellent investment.  Sometimes this kind of furniture can be used either as is or with some minor paint or upholstery adjustments. Used furniture can increase the level of personal comfort that employees have in their space.

Encourage Employee Health

The New Age office puts a priority on employee health, both physically and mentally, and on their vitality. Employees should be surrounded by natural light and plants, which can improve outlook. Additionally, employees should be given options for increasing movement while on breaks.

Encourage Employee Individuality

Instead of insisting that all employees work and think the same way, the New Age office supports individuality. These employers create space that embraces differences in opinion. For example, spaces that feel like home or that give employees the opportunity to decorate their own spaces will improve employer/employee relations.

Although older offices were once known for the stuffy and boring cubicle, today’s offices often give no differentiation between employee levels. Offices that allow employees to have a say in the office experience and that build feelings of community find that they have higher rates of productivity and greater employee retention than they once did. Any kind of space can be used today to make a creative and progressive office that embraces technology and adaptation using New Age design.

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