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My Husband Will Not Show Me Any Affection what So Ever, I Feel Rejected

woman unhappy in a relationashipDear MJ,

My Husband will not show me any affection what so ever. I have communicated with him several times that he is not meeting my needs. He doesn’t pay attention to me. He doesn’t conversate with me and if he does its about whats going on in his life. He won’t cuddle with me or even look at me when I walk around unclladd.

I have lost 26 pounds trying to get his attention like I use to have it. I look the best I have ever looked. He is 25 and doesn’t want to sleep with his wife. I was told that I needed to stop it and knock it off with him” I need affection/attention” thing.

He told me that,it was to the point he felt like it is a chore to sleep with me.

He feels that he has to make a checklist on what he should do. It shouldn’t be like this. Affection, love, and s333x should all come natural when you love someone and are married. How can a 25 year old not have a need or want for int1macy? Please help? He is not cheating that I can see. I have access to bank and phone records.. only because of this situation.

Nothing is going on out of the ordinary. Advice? Its so hard to sit on the couch and watch tv and not have him conversate with me or sit next to me or ask me about my day. I feel so alone and so rejected,or he don’t love me anymore? I need advice please,

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